In part two of the interview with Jordan, we talk about her friend Adam Ant, whom she managed at the start of his career between 77 & 78, even providing vocals on one song ‘Lou’  (Jordan got him a part in the Derek Jarman film ‘Jubilee’ during the same period).
We also discuss the power of dressing up, the legacy of Punk Rock & her present involvement with the 40 years anniversary of the release of The Sex Pistols’ single ‘Anarchy in the UK’ which launched Punk Rock on the public. 
Jordan stayed working at 430 Kings Rd through its present incarnation as Worlds End until around 1984 when she returned to Seaford.

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4 thoughts on “Interview_Jordan_Pt2

  1. Finally…!!!

    What a fantastic second part. What a great outlook Jordan has. She still looks amazing. Some great answers to your questions here.

    There doesn’t seem to be any style anymore. The highstreet shop windows are just horrendous. It’s such a waste of money this throw away culture. It’s really ugly. People just follow trends now. Celebrity trends. People don’t want to be individual. They don’t want to find their own style. It’s a shame. X

  2. Thanks Ben and Jordan.
    A great interview, completely agree about the lack of individualism in today’s society. Be it clothes or music, it’s as though no one has any ambition to be different anymore. Manufactured airbrushed sheep.