A month ago today I went down to Seaford in Sussex to interview a very important lady from the early history of 430 Kings Road. Her name of course is Jordan.

Now breeding Burmese cats & working part time at a veterinary clinic it was great to see her again on a day off.
The last time we had met was at Malcolm McLaren’s funeral in 2010 but I had seen a lot more of her in the 10 years or so that she worked in the shop in the 70’s & early 80’s. You could not miss her! Walking down the Kings Road in fetish latex or in a see through skirt with no knickers, she was the perfect look to have working in the shop (I remember Vivienne telling me of one time when she had chased a shoplifter up the road in her high heels. She got the stuff back).
Extremely influential (her make up inspired David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust period for instance), in this part one of the interview she talks about how she heard of the shop, her moving to London & the flats she lived in, her adventures with latex & about Malcolm McLaren, his artistry & his funeral.
Thank you Jordan!
(part 2 to come soon)

Jordan Kings Rd Sex Pistols


Jordan Vivienne Westwood Punk


Jordan Latex Sex


Jordan Latex Sex Punk


Jordan Sex Pistols


Jordan Sex Pistols Westwood

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8 thoughts on “Interview_Jordan_Pt1

  1. A great interview. Jordan is so important to the image of punk. No one else could do what she did. She truly did look amazing. So sexy. It’s nice to see her and listen to her memories. I can’t wait for part two.

    I’m going looking for ‘clothes for pleasure’ now!!!

    Cheers Ben x

  2. :) How wonderful … I used to be quite scared of Jordan when I first went in Sex and bought my first t-shirt … But over the years I became more of a ( silent ) Jordan fan than anything else really … I have honestly never met anyone as unique and focused style wise as her … She took things and made them her own … I was never as confident and Jordan has been a hero of mine since 1975 … Its great to see her happy and laughing … And funny :) … I really look forward to the next part … Someone give the girl a chat show, well, you know, if she fancies it like :) ))

  3. Another great little interview here with Jordan.

    Check out “POSERS – New Romantics in the Kings Road 1981” by Carlos Pasini-Hansen