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Climate economy Vivienne Westwood

In this week’s post are the new photos (with Jamie & Freya) of the new batch of Climate Economy print Infinity Ponchos.
Just to explain, the Infinity range is a concept, developed for the AW14 Gold Label, that involves the absolute minimum waste created when cutting pattern pieces out of the roll of fabric. Complicated shapes always leave a lot of cloth unusable as although the cutter tries their best to fit all the pattern pieces as close together as possible, there are certain constrictions that make this difficult, the main one being that all the pieces have to be orientated with the grain (thread) of the cloth running in the same direction. It’s quite a jigsaw puzzle!

Pattern with a lot of waste

Example of a pattern with a lot of waste

So, the Infinity range is all based around square shapes, often cut to the width of the fabric. Most of the fabric can be used in this way.
(Vivienne has used this waste saving technique for decades. The 1985 Clint Eastwood Bomber jacket is one example. The earlier Buffalo sheepskins were others. Square T-Shirt anyone?…)
Garments in the Infinity range have included dresses, skirts & blouses.
In the case of the Poncho, this square is draped slightly off-centre in a skewed manner so that it is not symmetrical when it hangs.
The new Poncho is made from 100% Austrian Loden, a felted wool as thin as possible & it is made & printed here in the UK. It can also be worn like a heavy jumper.
Vivienne’s hand-drawn Climate-Economy graphic features two snakes which are eating each other’s tails. One snake represents ‘the economy’ (our present economic policy of profits/growth before people) & the other snake represents the climate. ‘The economy’ eats & steadily destroys the climate at the same time as which the failing climate eats away at ‘the economy’, which gets steadily worse as a result.
For instance modern agriculture destroys bees meaning that the almond trees in California have to be pollinated by hand for which we then have to pay, a job nature used to do for free…

The Ponchos come in blue & maroon. There was a green one but it has already sold out.

Climate Economy Vivienne westwood

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2 thoughts on “Infinity Poncho

  1. this ponchos look gorgeous in both colors!
    i know this resourceful technique from my studies of ancient and tribal clothing – fabric was precious – so every piece of it got used in the garment…… wonderful that you do this too!