INEOS, Oliver & the Private Police Force…

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In January 2017, 9 year old Oliver Simpson wrote to Prime Minister Theresa May about his fears about Swiss Petrochemical Giant Ineos seeking an Injunction to prevent any protest for the villagers of Marsh Lane, Derbyshire.
Oliver and his parents live within 500 meters of a proposed fracking well. The local school in Marsh Lane, where he is from, is also just meters from a proposed Ineos fracking well. Ineos seek an an ’all encompassing’ injunction over 1.2 million square acres preventing anyone objecting to their plans to frack the UK.
Theresa May never wrote back to Oliver in January, instead she passed it on to someone in the Department for Business to ‘handle’.
Accompanied by Dame Vivienne Westwood, Oliver is delivering a follow up letter to Theresa May urging her to take action against Ineos, who next week (Oct 30th, 2017) are seeking a permanent Injunction in the High Court in London. They aim to make standing up against Ineos an arrestable offence, including costs orders and asset seizures being imposed against people of anything from £50,000 and beyond, which means they could lose their homes. Grandmothers can’t even make cups of tea for protestors without facing prison sentences.
Oliver will also be delivering a framed copy of a ‘mass selfie’ of residents from the area with masking tape over their mouths with ‘INEOS’ written on it to the Prime Minister arguing for their #RighttoProtest. This is being taken the previous evening at Woodsetts Recreation Ground by Vivienne Westwood’s son Joe Corre.

Freedom-of-speech Fracking Vivienne-Westwood Joe-Corre INEOS Oliver's-Letter

Dame Vivienne Westwood says: “I am honoured to be accompanying this brave little boy who has become something of a local hero in Derbyshire for making a stand against the monstrous Swiss Petrochemical giant Ineos, who is trying to ‘buy the law’ to serve their fracking agenda.
A survey in August 2017 for the Department for Business, shows that a record 84% of Britons now oppose fracking – up 12% since December 2013.
“The people of Britain have decided to throw fracking in the bin, yet Theresa May, once again, isn’t listening to anyone” she says.
“The Conservatives are now isolated as the only major political party still pushing a fracking agenda in England, while everyone else has walked away. Labour will ban fracking when elected”.
Scotland has just announced a ban on Fracking as has the Republic of Ireland and France. Wales and Northern Ireland have both imposed Moratoriums.
Westwood will be delivering Theresa May a copy of Whitehall’s Fracking Science Failure’ Report which highlights how data manipulation and use of faulty measurement tools used ‘fake science’ to give fracking a clean bill of health. “Fracking is in fact illegal based on the Climate Change act and the findings of the Committee on Climate change which require emissions savings elsewhere in the economy to offset emissions from fracking. The government has failed to identify those savings. Fracking is in fact much worse than coal for our environment and fracking kills”

Fracking Science Failure Report, published in The Ecologist


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2 thoughts on “INEOS, Oliver & the Private Police Force…

  1. Thanks for posting, Ben. I wish we could band fracking here in the US too!

    All the Best,

  2. Go Oliver! What a brave boy for standing up to these politicians. Really thinking about the community, he wrote such a poignant letter to Theresa May. Really hoping something is done. I also wish we could ban fracking in the US.