Hunan & Tanuki

Hsi Wang Mu By Hunan Vivienne Westwood

Hi Ben,
Please see below for two of my favourite clients in China :)


This is for you,my love worlds end!Hope this letter could let you know more about us, If these photos can be published, it is a great honor for us!

Dear Ben Westwood :


I’m Hunan. My wife Tanuki and I are top loyal fans of Vivienne Westwood. Worlds End and Vivienne Westwood Design Studios are the most inspiring places in the world for us.
We live in a coastal city in China. We spend most of our spare time at seaside and there is only one road between our house and the sea. Tanuki likes folk instruments. She sometimes plays flute or Chinese lute on beach or our house. We also help cleaning garbage on beach when we are free.
Tanuki ‘ s novels are quite welcomed by readers. I usually do painting works when she’s writing her novels. Except working on illustrations for her novels, I’m also working on systematic creation of my ideal Vivienne Westwood painting album. Taking gold label as the design principle, I use ‘Do it yourself’ and my very own opinions to rebuild a world about fashion, environment and love. When one third of the album is finished, I had it printed and gave it to Vivienne Westwood herself by opportunity…….  that was wonderful experience . I am still working on creation of the album now.
Recently, Tanuki and I spent a week drawing Vivienne Westwood’s important philosophies on a wall of our house:Save the rainforest, GAIA, CLIMATE REVOLUTION , save the arctic… We plan to explain implications of such images and words to each friends to our house, to make our effort in propaganda of such urgent environment issues.
At last, Tanuki took a photo of me with the nestbox that Vivienne Westwood made by herself for RSPB and the wall for you, our beloved ones. We will try our best to deliver your ideas. It is Vivienne westwood that fills our life with art factors. We love you forever!

yours hunan & tanuki

keeping update my part of  the album MY ORB, which I drew about Vivienne Westwood on

hunan tanuki RSPB nestbox Vivienne Westwood RSPB

World's End shop Vivienne Westwood

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9 thoughts on “Hunan & Tanuki

  1. Sorry for my rudeness to say a few things below.
    This couple indeed have collect some real treasure of Vivienne Westwood and do a lot of homework to show everyone how much they love Vivienne Westwood.

    But, yes, everything comes with a “BUT”. Ironically, they have a E-shop in China. (something like Ebay in China). They sell their collection on there for a very high price! yep! but that’s fair cuz treasure always worth a lot isn’t it. Because of those treasure, they make their E-shop feel like a very high level of shop and have good faith. But, I know they benefit from this and sell some fake Vivienne Westwood Items also for a very unreasonable price! FAKE!!!! I know them well cuz I am a big fan of Vivienne Westwood from China. Also I know where the fake items come from( they look so real you can’t even tell any differences from photos.) They bought them from a seller in China unfortunately I know whom. The items including Bag and Jewelry.

    They may have a rich family ( “we don’t lack of MONEY” they always said that. “Why the hell I need to treat on the others who love Vivienne Westwood?”) But yes, because! they need to buy more real treasure stuff with these money! the profit usually over 100% even 200% or more on their E-shop( the way I can know cuz I know how much they bought from the seller I know and there are price on their E-shop)

    So Hunan and Tanuki, I don’t care you ps your photos which makes your look from devil to angel lol But I do care you selling FAKE and pretend to be a loyal Vivienne Westwood Fans in front of Everyone and benefit from Ben and Adreas Even Vivienne herself due to their kindness.

    I have proves but I don’t think I need to show unless other people think I need.

    You guys just take care if they would delete anything to protect themselves.

    WISH everyone have a Funny Day with a Funny Joke from China.
    I am so sorry to ruin your fancy lies Mr. Hunan and Tauki.

    Basically you are just liars.


    here is their shop and you can see bunch of things are the same in their photos ( especially the jacket other stuff!! )

    Again, I don’t mind you sell a tits tshirt for 175 pounds instead of 35 pounds anyway you need money to buy real stuff.

    Or you steal the pics from our dear Lauran and Pearl Westwood or Lisa.

    But you are selling FAKE! (some jewelry like the tutti flower necklace and others. I know how to get them. The seller also know Hunan and Tanuki).

    Stop selling fake and pretend to be a fan.

    It sucks.

    • I feel it is necessary to clarify after seeing your message.

      What you said and your conclusions as well as the attacks are from your misunderstandings.

      1, The store you posted is our friend’s shop and we have once given her a lot of support. For example, telling her the origin of some limited products, which Fashion Show they belong to and what the design inspiration it is. We will provide our collections for her, letting her take photos with other VW combination for sale so as to increase the luxuriant and professional level of her shop. Usually, if my and tanuki’s items appear in the shop, then the price will be exaggerated to a number which make it impossible to sell out the items and it will be clearly wrote in the description that these items are not for sale.

      2, The prices of some items in my friend’s shop are very high, which I believe is different from your business ideas. And I also agree with what she has done. Because precious designs must not be passed at such low price to those who do not under designing but are rich enough to afford them. A brand has show piece, haute couture, classic piece and limited piece. And some limited and discontinued products are especially valuable, for the groups they aim at are obviously different. High prices are very common in the shops of some Japanese collectors and obviously, both sellers and buyers agree with this situation and their values. Because we all know that even if you sell it at a high price, when you want to buy it back, you can only buy it from other collectors, and maybe the money you sell it is not enough to buy it back. Of course, tanuki and I won’t allow her to sell fake Vivienne westwood products in her store and we will also not buy and use fake products, which is the least respect for the designers and I believe is the basic consensus between all those who support the ‘designers’ brand’. Now that you have posted her store address, including the articles you believed to be fake products such as Tutti Fiori, I will not ask my friend to delete it. VW fans all around the world and officials can supervise and actively correct it together.

      3.Although you have said something serious, if you meet any difficulties and need our help, we will still lend you a helping hand. And if the shop you run need our help, we will also try our best to do so because we know that what you have said and done are also due to your love for Vivienne weatwood.

      We are published in the worlds end website, which is a gracious and brilliant glory for us and indeed an affirmation for our talent. The reason is not just a simple ‘biggest’ fans title and the title may make many others who also support this brand feel a little uncomfortable. We believe that talent, culture, accomplishment and positive environmental-protection consciousness are very important and that only when you make a commitment to your favorite things, using your own talents, efforts, love, persistence and continuous learning and exploring will you get a perfect artistic life. I hope everyone can realize this and this is the most important thing Mrs Vivienne westwood told us.

      Ps: We all love lise, pearl westwood and lauran very much and hope that more Chinese fans can know them. For many people, they are like stars!

  3. Wow~ these emails are so mean~ it was not dat plite to peep on others hard working results & making all these stereotyping comments.

    Show us ur work then, I m pretty excited to see urs? Otherwise don’t bragging like u know a lot.

    I love these works ~ dat are so illitilenget and creative~ wish i could do de same.

    Dat is a big”like” from me.

    • Is this a shock , really …I ask myself ; people do things for good and not so good reasons …

  4. First, thanks to the ppl who thought I am mean. Yes, I am. Why not? I mean to the ppl who selling fake and pretend not knowing?That’s funny!

    You wrote a long reply I am grateful for that. But you don’t even get my point and try to use the beauty words to avoid my question. There is an old Chinese saying :” 苍蝇不叮无缝的蛋。” (Means if you do sth justice, there’s no way others would find any excuses to blame you. Sorry for my English, it sucks.)

    Alright, here is the reply for your reply:
    1. The friend you mentioned you are so close to her. I can find her in your weibo (sth like twitter in China.) So if you are really close friend(I don’t know if you cooperate to open this E-shop, but you put your items in the shop which makes you really involved in this event.) , you should tell her stop this. You lend sth to increase the luxuriant and professional level of her shop, exactly!!!!! that’s how you make ppl think the fake is real. One of my friend buy your clothes from the shop ( you would deny for sure.) the clothes is real stuff! So stop saying you just put things there and never sale. Liar.

    2. Yep!!! I do agree for the high price! No problem!!! But you still avoid the problem. The Clothes, the crown, the case, many items from past season they do worth this price. But in a shop for this high price, the Union Jack bag for example ( Fake for sure. And I know some ppl still selling this) is selling around 180 pounds and you don’t have any receipt. Please pay attention, it’s selling around 180 pounds before UK going into SALE. Which means, no profit at all ?????? Also , some necklace( Fake) they selling as a very normal price. If your saying is they worth high price, then why you don’t even make any profit for some stuff ( all the normal price stuff is fake. ) You put a long word talking about the high price but you don’t even emphasize the normal price stuff?

    3. The problem I have is that you are selling fakes and pretend to be fans. (you do have some real cool stuff, but real stuff of course for yourselves not for your buyer isn’t it? )

    I know the seller who selling things to you.She told me you are the buyer. Come one, why you still deny that? This really makes you fake!!!!!!And Ben, if you are interested, I can send you the pics, now, in China, there is factory making fake vw looks almost the same as real !!! and most of them are from past seasons. Jewelry more than 400 kinds. And they are making bags recently ( Chancery and VW Prints,mainly Union Jack bag)

    Second, you may forgot sth. One of my friend she bought a Chancery bag from you long time ago. And it’s fake. She asked you to come to Beijing to try to go to the VW shop to see if it’s real or not. You forgot this ? hahahhahaha…

    And where you learn all your VW knowledge ? who taught you this? She also tell me what you did.

    Hunan, I wrote this cuz I already do a lot of research about you. And I know more.

    Stop pretend to be kind. Please. That make me really sick. I know my words so mean. But to you, I think you deserve them.

    Sorry to all the vw fans here. I really shame on Chinese ppl start to ruin VW now. Make so many fakes. And Hunan, shame on you to do this but you don’t have balls to confess.

    Ppl who don’t know Chinese still would treated by you.
    I think my post would draw ppl attention to not to buy fakes and they know your shop and never enter.
    But I think I may post the wrong place.

    Anyway, believe it or not. He is selling fakes. And in the market, many Chinese made fakes already there. And it’s really close to real, seriously, not just basic items. Oaks Series, Tutti Flowers and so on, Whole set, is selling on the market now. Please fans be aware of that.

    I don’t care you think I am mean even I go against the world cuz I luv this brand and I don’t want it to be ruined.