Horse Hospital to be sold – ‘Call to Arms’

Horse Hospital

Another ‘Call to Arms’.
The whole of old London is up for sale. The list of buildings includes Battersea Power Station; tons of public buildings all closed under ‘austerity’ measures, the old warehouse next to our office in Battersea which contains art galleries, the ‘Doodle bar’ where I held my wedding reception & a boxing gym run by Barry McGuigan’s son, Shane. The list goes on. They are all going to be converted into luxury flats & offices, with little cafes & shopping areas.

So that’s the future? No culture, no history, just a pleasant cappuccino whilst discussing business with your colleagues or shopping with friends, then a game of golf & maybe the cinema. Soon London will resemble Los Angeles where the ‘place to be’ is at a rich persons house, in their private pool, tennis court, cinema, etc, all because there are no public facilities.
Now the Horse Hospital, a grade two, listed building is being put up for sale. The only existing unspoilt example of a two-floor, purpose built stable, built in 1797. It is home to London’s longest running, truly independent arts venue  providing space for underground & avant-garde media, started by Roger Burton in 1993. Its first exhibition was called ‘Vive le Punk’ & featured archive Vivienne & Malcolm clothing & to which both Vivienne & Malcolm attended. A documentary film of the same name was made at the time & featured the two themselves in their last & also probably their only joint interview together.
Well this won’t be happening again. By the time the developers have finished I don’t know where these kinds of events will take place.

Have a look at the Horse Hospital’s website on  & check out their ‘Call to Arms’ on  .
Maybe there is something that we can do to help them…. & again, help our future & our children’s future.

Westwood McLaren



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2 thoughts on “Horse Hospital to be sold – ‘Call to Arms’


    Had such a great time when we were there for the Grapes of Wrath!

    It’s so scary seeing what is happening to London. I live near Elephant and Castle and the moment, and it’s really obvious how the rich from across the river are making their way into E&C, an area that was always full of poorer, more working class people. You can literally see the change as you walk down the road. Really sad how money can displace people so easily.

  2. Dearest,
    Not to dispute, but it’s just the lovely areas. I went to a shack party house in hackney wick last winter. could be good ? no? xx