Holly Johnson Interview

This last Tuesday it was really great to finally meet again with Mr Holly Johnson to do a new video interview outside Worlds End Shop, the previous of these having been with Mr Adam Ant.
As usual the traffic was noisy but Mr Johnson comes through loud & clear.
Due to a broken down bus being right outside the shop I could not shoot from my usual place across the street so we tried to improvise by going round the corner a bit. However this was not ideal, so we moved again & actually used the broken bus to shelter ourselves a bit from the road. A lot better.
Holly knew of the shop when it was called ‘Seditionaries’…….but I’ll let him do the talking.
16 minutes. Let it roll….


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5 thoughts on “Holly Johnson Interview

  1. Hello again Ben. Another great post. Please can you get Pete Burns to interview next. He always looks good in Westwood.

    Can I cheekily ask, once you are finished with the paper mannequin headwear you have in the store Windows, is it possible I can purchase one. I have a pirate hat and it would look great on my hat stand. The window displays have looked great recently.

    Also, would Worlds End not consider selling vintage second hand Westwood pieces?

    Thanks again, keep up the great work x

    • Hi Ben

      Hope all is well.
      I just wanted to let you know that unfortunately the paper wigs are not for sale as they are part of the props we continually use on the mannequins. Can you also pass my thanks on about the great window display comment, greatly appreciated.
      If they do want a wig, I can put them in contact with the supplier who made them for me.



      • Hi, thankyou for you’re reply. I don’t suppose they’d be cheap to have one made but I might aswell inquire if you have the details. Should one become available please contact me.

        Much appreciated.

        Best regards


  2. Yes !!! – I love these interviews. Pete Burns…I think I had a crush on him with his pirate patch.