Herbie Mensah_Interview

It was wonderful to bump into Herbie at Portobello Rd market earlier this year & this time we organised to make this video for the blog (shot in June).
Herbie became virtually the (male) ‘face’ of Vivienne after his first appearance modelling in the Nostalgia of Mud/Buffalo Girls collection of 1982 & then the subsequent Punkature, Witches, Hypnos & Clint Eastwood collections.
In the interview he explains the chain of events that led to this & some of his experiences at the time.
He also kindly gave us access to his portfolio & a selection from this you will find below.
There used to be a photo of Herbie on the wall in Worlds End shop but it seems to have disappeared since it’s re-opening last year…
You will find him at Portobello on Fridays & Saturdays, under the canopy.

Thank you Herbie  Vivienne Westwood Herbie MensahVivienne Westwood Herbie MensahVivienne Westwood Herbie MensahVivienne Westwood Herbie MensahVivienne Westwood Herbie MensahVivienne Westwood Herbie Mensah Steve StrangeVivienne Westwood Herbie Mensah



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6 thoughts on “Herbie Mensah_Interview

  1. Great read ! And Video thanxxx! By the way using one of my favorite songs ‘I am a T.V. Savage’…think yer mum co-wrote that one?
    Anita Drink

  2. Thanks for the post. Keep the interviews coming !!!

    I was only born in 82, but been wearing Westwood for about 17 years. I just love the Nostalgia of Mud and the early 80′s stuff. It must have been an exciting time for music and fashion. If I could own one Westwood item I don’t have it would have to be a Clint Eastwood jacket. It would look great with my hammerheads.

    I love your jumper Ben x

  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to make and post these interviews, Ben! I am really enjoying them. Do you have part 2 of Jordan’s coming soon? That was a great one, and I love hearing all of the stories from the people who were there in the “old days”. I also like your Propaganda cardigan, and I used to have that one, but I got rid of it when it started to fall apart. Your’s looks great, and now I wish I would have kept mine!

    Thanks again,

  4. How good to see all these faces from the past, still around and thriving … Herbie really was one of the faces of Westwood at that time … And the guy still dresses good :)

  5. Cheers Ben. Thanks for posting this, really enjoyed it. I wondered if you might be posting any of your photos that you gave to Herbie at the end of the film? And I’m sure I’m not the only nosy bugger who wants to know what was on them!