‘Happy’ Valentine’s Day Shaker Aamer

Shaker Aamer

British permanent resident & Londoner Shaker Aamer ‘celebrates’ 13 years in Guantanamo detention centre this Valentines Day.Cleared for release 7 years ago, prisoner 239 as he is known is an appalling example of the corrupt justice system & complete disregard for human rights in both Britain & the USA.
Not a normal prison where you are allowed to have visitors for example, Shaker has never seen or touched his 13 year old son Faris who was ironically born on the 14th Feb 2002, the day of Shaker’s incarceration.
The UK’s ‘request’ for Shaker’s return can now be seen as the blatant lie it always has been…Read here:  http://www.reprieve.org.uk/case-study/shaker-aamer/
WE need to DEMAND his release!!
There will be a march & demonstration in Whitehall this Saturday between 12pm & 2.30pm.
Please come & show your support for human justice. You might need it yourself one day….
Incidentally I shall be appearing on Reality Party Bez’s ‘Bed In’ tonight to speak about Shaker. Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MmfYcNkHR8
Read more about Shaker’s case here:
A postcard has been produced. You can send it to your local MP…
Shaker Aamer
Shaker Aamer
The rock singer PJ Harvey has recorded a song about Shaker. Listen to it here:


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  1. Sorry this doesn’t relate to the current post but can we have a post on the new romantics? I feel it gets overlooked by the pirate and Punk image. What Worlds End was like at this exciting time in Westwoods career? In particular how important Steve Strange was to this image. Rest in peace x

    Thanks Ben, look forward to your next posts x