Happy Christmas 2014

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood

Another year & another Christmas…
A lot has happened & now we have got the basement. When the shop opens towards the end of January 2015 it should make a big difference.
The shop has only once other been closed this long since 1979-1980 when it changed from Seditionaries to World’s End, & that was in 85-86 when the change came from Malcolm’s co-operative influence with Vivienne to Vivienne’s alone.
The above is the Westwood ‘in house’ Christmas card shot by Jurgen Teller during the last advertising campaign (this is my card I am sharing with you but I have brushed out my personal message)(the other lady in the photo is the actress Stella Schnabel).
There IS a lot to do next year. The UK elections are in May for a start.
The most likely rebellion is the legal one where we vote for a true representative of ourselves.. New ideas to vote for are out there (vote Green/Reality Party/SNP/Russell Brand) …
If Britain can change it can help to open up things for the world..
Vivienne has been a lot more politically active in the last couple of years because the threat to the rights we hold as society have become a lot more imminent suddenly.
2015 will be the year to Act on what is important to us.
Free Leonard Peltier for a start..
Happy Christmas Leonard.
(& make sure that you are registered to vote!)


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5 thoughts on “Happy Christmas 2014

  1. Happy 2015, Ben! Thanks for all of your work in writing and posting the Worlds End blog. I do enjoy reading each entry.

    Best Regards,