Giant Top Hat

Vivienne Westwood

A new addition to the ‘Oversized Hat’ range (as mentioned before in the ‘Mountain Hat # 2’ post) – the ‘Giant Top Hat’ is now in World’s End shop, retail price £175.00.
Available in 2 different grades of straw, the rougher straw is a slightly darker shade than the finer one.
The rough hat brim has unfinished, raw edges; whereas the lighter one has a normal neatly cut brim.
Designed for the AW 14/15 Gold Label collection, 6 months ago, I have included an advertising campaign photograph, taken by Jürgen Teller of Vivienne modelling the hat at home, a couple of the new man in the shop, Olly wearing them & also for the hell of it, another of the lovely Jackie wearing it.
As the ‘Oversized Hats’ are all so big, they all have a woven, stuffed hatband inside of them to support them on the head. This hat band is normally these days worn pushed into the hat, but it can also be worn with the hatband pulled down onto the head & visible & it was styled like this in the first shows that this series of hats appeared in, in 1981&82.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood

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8 thoughts on “Giant Top Hat

  1. Fabulous. Do you think you’ll ever do bring back the Chico Hat from Witches and, since I brought Witches up, the three-tongue trainers?

  2. Another great post. I do look forward to your updates. It keeps my collection growing.

    Loving the straw top hat. I know you said a felt version would not be made due to the weight on the head but is there any chance? X