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  1. Hi, just like to point out the drape shirt which Steve made by himself on the picture, he did the shoulder insert piece back to front, i think he must be mistake by the instruction picture. I don,t think it will be nice fit in his version. Lol

  2. Just bought some red plaid,and red gingham cotton material ,thinking ill leave it sleevless for summer,and see how it turns out! Am soooo excited at this project!

  3. The pattern sizes marked ‘medium’ says ‘large’ when you download it. Is it actually medium? I am a UK 10 so not sure what size. THRILLED to make this shirt.

  4. Spent the weekend making mine, loved every second of it!

    What’s the next DIY pattern?

    How do we upload pictures of our creations?

    Thanks for uploading this.

    :D !

    • Hi Mike, i really want to make a Drape shirt, any chance you could alaberate on how to make it, i found these instructions to basic for my GCSE textiles mind. hahaha thank you if you could share – Finn D

  5. Hi there!

    can anyone help me put together the big rectangle and arm holes as I am surrounded by sheets of A4 and lots of little arrows ?

    • Can any kind hearted human who has made this beautiful garment please advise asap… I am determined to DIY but do not know how to put the printed sheets of paper together for the body of the shirt arm holes and button holes?

      ps….from the pdf I have put together and cut out the sleeve, a pocket and a button hole facing and now a shoulder insert…. many thanks in advance Chezzabelle x

      • Hey.

        The putting together for the pattern is hard, I have no experience in pattern assembly and it took me about 6 hours (with various coffee breaks :P !)

        The main body of the shirt is a giant rectangle with two holes a piece of A4 from the edge and top (but I have moved mine down just a tad for more fabric at the top for more of a cowl neck style). Mine measured 2 meters across by 1.6 meters down I think (I downloaded the large).

        For the sleeve, yoke, pocket & button patch covers are pretty self explanatory just carefully look at each piece of paper and assemble accordingly. Bare in mind though, some pieces of each section maybe attached to the side/bottum of another section. So look carefully.

        Hope this helps. Have fun and enjoy the project :) !

        • Thanks for the measurements on the large :)

          I’ve been messing with this thing for a couple of days and still can’t get the body – I think I’m just going to cut a 2×1.6m square and place the arm holes roughly shoulder width a part, one length of 8×11 paper down. I figure as long as I’ve got the sleeves and yoke I can spitball the rest…

  6. Does the wrong side of the fabric show on the completed garment? This will help me decide what fabric to use…

    • Hi,
      you might see part of the wrong side in the front where it drapes.
      So best to choose something of which you like both sides.

  7. Amazing project!

    I actually copied a Westwood coat this winter! Now i can follow the original pattern! THANK YOU

    Putting the sheet together and cutting it took me 2,5hours. And i kinda know what i m doing… Just go slow but right. take one sheet at the time. DO NOT DESORGANIZE THEM. it ll take just double time for nothing…

    Will keep you posted when it’s done :)
    I also did the crown :)


    There isn’t a comment space but i feel like i should share details about how to make it.

    I have always wanted one since i saw the runway! It is major!
    First of all, I am lucky to be in NYC so i find the perfect plastic sheet to make mine. It s looks perfect!

    I find out that the size is for a quiet small head. Women?
    I would recommend to add an inch if you are a guy or a lot less filling in the headband, it will seat a little too high if you don’t and won t be able to around your head but just seat on it. The filling makes it pretty heavy so it wouldn’t stay on …
    I had to undo mine and take off more then half of the filling. It does fit better like that but i will make a new one bigger soon to make it more comfortable.

    Hope that thought will help anyone making that project!

    (wish we could share pictures on here)

    • Dear Lord Warg,

      Thanks for the tips and equally for the enthusiasm.
      Would you mind telling me where did you found you plastic sheeting in NYC?


  9. I downloaded the pattern this morning. My tip is to keep the sheets of paper in the right order and start top left and go down. It begins to make sense after a while. Bear in mind that some pieces need to be cut up. i.e. the bottom of the sleeve is also the top of the next line. (does that make sense?)

  10. I have had great fun with the recent pattern for the drape shirt,I have one ,my 2 daughters have one, a friend has one ,and I’m now making one from bits of fabric I have left ie, the yolk is red gingham and the rest of the shirt is grey ,the connotations are immeasurable!
    Come on ,lets do it !

  11. I’m probably one of the few people on here that has absolutely no experience with patterns or even much sewing, but I figured it out in the end and I’ve kept the pattern sheet so I can I it again. I’ve not sewn anything since high school and I probably cheated a wee bit but I still think it looks ace and that’s testament to Dame Viv. More please!

  12. hey.
    i have all together exept the body.
    it s a medium size. can somebody just tell me what s the measurements for the medium size rectangle? and then how far from the middle the sleeve whole starts.
    the same from wich hight the sleeve whole start.
    it could be so easy just to have it like that, a rectangle that you only have to place the sleeve wholes.

    thanks for helping me.

    • Yes it is easier that way,I did it for the small,means you just need the sleeve,yolk and pocket as a pattern the rest is just measurements,works a treat

  13. Can someone be amazing and make a step by step thing when it comes to attaching the fabric pieces together. This I realise now, is a bit of ambitious project for a newbie! I’m just a bit stuck with sleeves attaching to the main body etc.


  14. Thank you very much for putting this up… I’d love to make myself one of these, and I’ve got just the gorgeous white cotton with a pillarbox-red and a baby blue stripe for it… and I think the stripes will look very good with the moving fabric and everything… but…
    I take it this pattern is a small or possibly average women’s size, though I am not sure… so, it’d be useful to know what size it was intented to be so I can adjust the pattern to fit a 6’2″ bloke;-]
    TA very much for any additional help… anyone…

  15. It’s a great pattern to play with , I’ve selected a beautiful wide pinstripe and created bullet holes for a distressed drape style.

    This number will demand attention .

  16. Hello, I currently have great difficulty with the pattern, I printed it and know not how to put this, so this is correct. ‘ve Tried somehow to put the line together. can someone help me or give a number of purely follow or purely provide a sketch of the pattern

    would be nice, many greetings

    • Hi, it’s quite straight forward. Keep all the pieces in the correct order. You need to work from top to bottom placing the sheets in order. The first sheet is the top left hand corner, then work down from this. The fifth sheet( i think) completes the first column, the left hand side of the shirt body and the left hand side of the sleeve below it, but also has a small part of the top of the next column. Cut along the solid line and attach it at the top then work down the second column. As you do this it will start to make sense. As you work you’ll see the start of the rectangle, all the other pieces are under neath it. Roughly every fifth page has the bottom of one column and the top of the next. Match up the arrows at the side to link the columns together.

      I found it easier to trim the top and sides of each piece as I worked as there is a little overlap.

      It’s a great pattern and very adaptable. I’ve made it as it is. Added in extra buttons, added ties and cords to draw it in, made it longer as a dress for a friend and am looking for a tweed to make it as a coat with a belt.

      Now I want to know when the next pattern is coming. I’m loving this Do It Yourself idea. How about a knitting pattern? Something juicy and absorbing?

      Do you think you could sort for us DIY enthusiasts, Ben?

      PS: I have to say big respect and love to Lisa. She makes visiting World’s End extra special

      • Thank you you’ve helped me out a lot, do you have any pictures of the finishedgarments, I’m going to tackle it this week

      • Thank you ,so much ,now I’ve mastered the pattern ,I’ve done it twice ,the first time I couldn’t work it out ,but with your instruction I’ve now mastered it ,and going to set to work ,

        • It’s all done ,and very easy and enjoyed it ,as Ben suggests ,I would love to share the results with you ,but alas I don’t know how to post the picture.any suggestions

  17. I’ve just started to teach myself to sew and have inherited lots of fabric from family. Can you tell me roughly what the fabric requirements are for a small size?
    Many thanks x

    • Because of your incredibly astute observation, I have discovered the work – and incredible anatomical precision – of Enzo Mari’s chair. You made the perfect comparison with Vivienne Westwood. Thank you! x

  18. I’m in the US, so this has been a bit of an adventure! Our copier paper is not even the same size = our “letter-size” sheets are a bit wider, and shorter than A4. So the pattern was difficult to print out. I got it together (I think), but the body of the top (a large rectangle with the 2 armholes) in size Large is about .8 m long, and 1.6 wide. Someone above said it was wider and longer (2m X 1.6 m). But that doesn’t make sense to me, it would be more like a dress!

    Anyway, I found the piecing together to be confusing. I’m an engineer, and though the idea of the top is absolutely brilliant, I think the layout and execution of the pattern could have been done a lot more clearly and logically. I had to piece together 3 pieces for the pocket – why?!? And why no match lines or numbers?

    I am a fairly good sewer, but putting this together without clear instructions will be challenging. Just figuring out how much fabric to buy (depending on the weird widths American fabric comes in, not wide bolts like designers use) will be hard.

    If anyone sees this, I would love to know if I do have the top main body right at 0.8 m X 1.6 m before I cut it out. The across the shoulder measurement seems correct, and the yoke piece seems to mate up as it should, so I don’t know how I could make it wider!

    • I’m not sure where you’re located, but here in LA fabric comes on 5-7’ (foot) tall bolts, unless you go to a place like Joanna’s where they have nothing good for sewing clothing and only cater to quilters.

    • I figured it out! My mistake was thinking the yoke went on the outside – I just didn’t catch it from the photo. It was a breeze after I understood that : )

  19. Can anyone help me please? The instructions for joining the shoulder panel and sleeves to the main body are followed by “finishing the armhole with binding” I don’t understand!! I cannot work this out but I’m sure it’s not that difficult??!!

  20. It’s coming together a treat ,it’s Avery interesting pattern ,with so many possibilitys,I’ve added cuffs and a coller and it’s fantastic I’ll post a picture if ican when it’s finished ,thank you so much for your instruction it worked so well

  21. I’ve very much enjoyed making this garment ,and used all sorts of viviennes. Details ,to adapt it ,using the yolk as a coller ans adding cuffs it’s been great fun ,thank you ,for sharing this pattern with us all

  22. Please can someone help? Probably being really stupid but having trouble putting the pattern pieces together in the right order. Has any got a picture of the pattern in one piece taped together so I can see where I’m going wrong. #beginner!

  23. Hello,
    Eternally grateful for the pattern but oh what a nightmare and faff putting it together. I still don’t have it right so I’m going to improvise

  24. Previously I made a dress version of this using calico. I took the pattern from a pre-existing Anglomania dress belonging to my friend – it was made of black muslin.

    The calico dress worked so well I am now making it again. This time I am planning to use a tartan wax cotton so I can use it as a waterproof coat. I am going to use the sleeves for the above pattern instead, though as the pattern I took has short, tied sleeves.

    Love Westwood. All of it. Love to buy it, make it, modify it.

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  26. Lisa,I love the little glnaard hearts. I especially love the little pouch that you made in the first picture. Very adorable. Ahhh – you guys are so talented.Erin

  27. The shirt looks amazing but the pattern is a nightmare. Please think about making about putting a picture of the whole thing on the beginning of the pattern where you can see which page goes where… Thx for the effort & for sharing!!

  28. Found this shirt a while ago and love DIY projects like this. Being an American I downloaded and printed on 8.5 x 11 paper. Big mistake! Had my seamstress help me with it and it became too tight across the back.

    Now, I’ve got the smarts to print on A4 paper and we will try again. I used a black & white houndstooth. Came out fabulous!!

    When’s the next project?!!

    • Are you able to help a novice? I have tried to contact Ben direct too avail. When I press the print button on my computer the size of printing says 93%. Should I change it to 100%. Are there really 43 pages to print out as well???!!

  29. When I press the print button on my computer the size of printing says 93%. Should I change it to 100%. Are there really 43 pages to print out as well???!!

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