‘Do It Yourself’ Scarf

T1In World’s End shop now are a lovely selection of scarves & blankets. As mentioned in the earlier blog post ‘Autumn’ a 150x200cm 100% lambs wool blanket named the ‘Serpentine’ is available at £315.00.
Also & not mentioned before is the ‘Do It Yourself’ scarf. This 100% lambs wool item is 3 meters long & therefore can not only be used as a scarf but as a warm piece of clothing (see photos of Theo showing one styling idea). There are two colour ways, red & grey. Price £210.00.
Lastly there is the ‘Propaganda’ scarf (read Vivienne’s diary on her website www.climaterevolution.co.uk  if you really want to know why she uses the titles she does). This scarf comes in red & its dimensions are more in line with a normal scarf size. The price of this is £45.00.



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4 thoughts on “‘Do It Yourself’ Scarf

  1. What are those boots Ian is wearing?? So fab I must have!!

    • oops I meant Theo…lol

  2. hi,I really love this scarf!!! How can I buy this?? Could you deliever to new york?