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Curious magazine Vivienne Westwood

This week’s post is a blast to the past.
Some time ago a friend sent me some scans of a semi porn kind of shoot & interview conducted in 430 Kings Rd when the shop was known as SEX. 
Some of the models were actually shop staff, the most notable of these being the voluptuous & provocative Jordan dressed here in SEX’s latex range. However we don’t know who the blonde model is. This lady is wearing the SEX T-Shirt prints of the time. The Tits print, the Cambridge Rapist & the Nude Footballer as well as a latex Tee.
The staircase in some of the shots is actually the staircase at the right hand side of the Worlds End Shop going up to the house above & no longer accessible to us, although at the time this was the access to a toilet shop staff used (the same toilet Vivienne & Malcolm used to hide the spare T-Shirts in. The shop was always being raided for contravening obscenity laws).
The magazine that the pages are from was called ‘Curious – The Sex Education Magazine for Men & Women’.
An unusual large format magazine which ran through the early 1970′s.It is devoted to all aspects of human sexuality and is very much of its time, reflecting the new freedoms of the changing moral codes.  With around 52 pages per issue, it is well produced on glossy coated paper and illustrated throughout with photographs and artwork.The articles are intelligently written, accessible but not sensationalised.
Articles include leather fetishism, male prostitution, birth control, sex research volunteers and sex and Chinese art; syphilis, condoms, lesbianism in movies, male orgasm, prostitution and sex & witchcraft, to name but a few’.
One cover of the magazine from 1971 featured a pre Ziggy Stardust David Bowie wearing a Michael Fish dress.
I personally have censored the photos shown here with my trademark star in order to protect ‘minors’ however I am also including something a bit tongue in cheek regarding my own views & experience of young sex.

Curious magazine Vivienne Westwood

Curious magazine Vivienne Westwood

Curious magazine Vivienne Westwood

Curious magazine Vivienne Westwood

Curious magazine David Bowie

curious kids

P.S.Some readers have sourced the ‘blonde’ in the shoot. She is on the cover of two Top of the Pops albums.The first is volume 37 coming out in 1974,the second is of volume 69 from 1978..

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3 thoughts on “Curious – SEX

  1. Another great post. Jordan always looked the part. Essential to the shop at the time I think. There’ll never be anything like Sex again. An incredibly important part of fashion history, and for Britain too. I wish I was old enough to have seen it!

    Thanks Ben x

  2. Hi Ben,

    If you look a little closer at the colour photos focus on the person in the rubber mask, tee and rubber (?) shorts over rubber legging and high heels. That’s Michael Collins who became the manager of Seditionaries and also WORLDS END. This is the same Michael Collin’s who understandably Vivienne had thought had died – as she mentioned in her autobiography. And it’s perfectly understandable that she thought he’d died as many people believed the same thing. It’s my understanding ( from a very close friend of his ) that he’d wished to remain anonymous for a long time due to past misdemeanours. Coincidentally, he used to live a few streets away from me. And it’s from whom many of us actually got our Seditionaries clothing ‘on the cheap’ in the late 70′s.

    Best regards,

  3. I’m pretty sure the blonde female in the first pics, is the same model that graced a few of the Top Of The Pops & similar, LP’s , in early 70′s. Forgotten her name, but i do have the records / sleeves.