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Vivienne Westwood Worlds End Shop

Two new cotton jersey tops from ‘Climate Revolution’ are now in Worlds End Shop.

First of all Raffaella is wearing the ‘InterTitty Top’ which is also long enough to wear as a dress…almost.
Wear the titty tube around the back of the neck like a scarf or else just leave it dangling in front.
This top, price £95 has the Stop Climate Change arrow on the front & the 5° map on the back. See extract below from a previous post on this site (Frack Off 2) for explanation of this map:

‘The issue with global warming is that even if we only burn the fossil fuel resources already found &  being extracted now this will increase the CO2 levels way beyond the point at which the IPCC has said that runaway climate change will occur. If the average world temperature warms up another 2 degrees then it will not be possible to stop it then automatically jumping to 5 degrees whereupon life on Earth will be akin to the Permian era 250,000,000 years ago & the area below the latitude of Paris will be uninhabitable desert.
Any attempt to find & exploit further sources of fossil fuels is therefore the wrong way to go. We need to reduce our reliance on this energy source’. .

‘Even if greenhouse emissions stopped overnight the concentrations already in the atmosphere would still mean a global rise of between 0.5 and 1C. A shift of a single degree is barely perceptible to human skin, but it’s not human skin we’re talking about. It’s the planet; and an average increase of one degree across its entire surface means huge changes in climatic extremes’.

Vivienne Westwood Climate Change

The second top is the Climate Economy T-Shirt, price £40. This print features two snakes which are eating each other’s tails. One snake represents ‘the economy’ (our present economic policy of profits before people) & the other snake represents the climate. ‘The economy’ eats & steadily destroys the climate at the same time as which the failing climate eats away at ‘the economy’, which gets steadily worse as a result.
For instance modern agriculture destroys bees meaning that the almond trees in California have to be pollinated by hand (which You pay for), a job nature used to do for free…

Vivienne Westwood Climate change

Both tops are in 100% organic cotton.

Vivienne Westwood climate change

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