The Climate Revolution Charter & Joe Rush

World`s End Vivienne Westwood Climate change

Climate Revolution Charter

Last week the Climate Revolution Charter was placed in the World`s End & Conduit Street shops to coincide with the new Conduit St new window display designed by Joe Rush, co founder of the Mutoid Waste company.. Joe has been closely involved with Vivienne & the Climate Revolution since last summer when he was working on the mutated machines to be used in the closing ceremony of the Paralympic games. At the time Joe asked Vivienne if she would be `Boudicca` on his Winter truck. Vivienne, not interested in just an appearance, decided she would do it so long as she could use it to make a political statement, so the idea of unveiling the Climate Revolution banner in the middle of the stadium was developed. Unless you saw the ceremony live you won’t have a chance to see it again as it was immediately edited out & not commented on. However Vivienne then used the banner to open her s/s 13 Red Label show at the Home Office & it has subsequently been used for window displays for both the Miu Miu window in Regents St & now Conduit St -Women`s..
The Climate Revolution Charter (click on the photo to get a high resolution version you can read) establishes the blueprint for the threats facing us & for the action(s) we should take to counter them…..The argument is fundamentally that everything we use & play with in our daily lives is made from a natural product. These products are from the same space that we live in (the Earth), a space that is very sophisticated & very finely tuned to our own biological sustenance & that we are acting at the moment like spoilt, unruly children who rip up the wooden floor in their own home to make a fire in the living room & then pull out all the bricks in order to throw them at their brothers in the next room, meanwhile making no effort to recycle their own waste which is slowly filling up the living space…There won`t be much of a house left soon but unlike a house there is no `somewhere else to go` on planet Earth.
Using this analogy further, the`house` was inherited & no work had to be done to `own` it …The household (economy) has taken no account of this at all in it`s calculations which is why the figures might add up, but there will be no `house` at the end of it.

Read the Charter, join the revolution. Sign up today at

Vivienne Westwood Paralympics Joe rush

Getting ready to go on : Paralympics

Vivienne Westwood Joe Rush

Miu Miu window display

Joe Rush Vivienne Westwood Climate change

Conduit St window display

Joe Rush Vivienne Westwood Climate change

Joe Rush & Vivienne Westwood



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2 thoughts on “The Climate Revolution Charter & Joe Rush

  1. I’ve searched the Internet for Vivienne Boudicca, it’s such a shame it’s been wiped out of history…if I find it ill post it;0)

  2. I have long been concerned about the effects of climate change. Therefore I read your charter with much enthusiasm. The fact that we, on Earth, must not continue throwing away our resources is my main solution. CARBON DIOXIDE is a resource and we are seeing already what happens when we throw that out into the atmosphere.(More extreme weather conditions, more frequently). Even the millions of GBP being spent on “carbon capture in porous rocks” is not getting it. Carbon dioxide must be used! A business, Guy and Wright (with whom I have no connection) in Herts. is pumping their carbon dioxide emissions from their small electricity generating plant into greenhouses and producing 30% more yield of the crops. If all present carbon dioxide producing industries and the new ones, which we will have to build, were to erect greenhouses around their businesses and pump in their (filtered) emissions, we could grow , in this country, most of the crops which at present we import from abroad. This then saves the carbon emissions of transport AND the land abroad could be used for growing locally needed food crops, as well as the big carbon dioxide absorbers eg trees, bamboo. The change could be started very quickly; the Crystal Palace only took 10 months to build, I believe and I think we have developed much faster erection techniques by now.
    Using photosynthesis is much less sexy than the research the government are promoting into their carbon capture and the body of peple involved in it, will I am sure, put up a strong defence, but I felt, after seeing Vivienne and reading your charter, that you would be up to the challenge.
    I would very much appreciate discussing this idea with you.