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Vivienne Westwood World's End
Work on the Kings Road shop World’s End is coming along. It looks now very likely that it will re-open at the end of January.
A lot of you have expressed worries that the shop will be changed but this is not the case. It will just be better.
To illustrate this I will take the example of the photographs which have been hanging in the shop since 1980. Continue reading

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The South Bank Show 1990

First broadcast on London Weekend Television on the 8th April 1990 (Vivienne’s 49th Birthday), Melyvn Bragg introduces a 51 minute documentary about Vivienne Westwood, directed & produced by Gillian Greenwood.
Copied from an old VHS recording & supplied once again by Simon at http://punkpistol-seditionaries.tumblr.com/  this video has a few technical problems in that it tends to jump a bit, normally just when Vivienne or Malcolm are about to make a great revelation to us.
Filmed in the period of the Pagan 5 collection & just before the Portrait collection, there is plenty of footage from the time. Excepts from the Terry Wogan show where the audience & other guests laughed at her designs. A clip from the Dame Edna Everage show where she wears her fig leaf bodysuit & interviews with Malcolm, Jaspen Conran, Peter York & others.
Interesting to see are the staged pieces starring Sara Stockbridge, Suzie Bick & my brother Joe in the black leather armour waistcoat
(I made the illuminating Horns & also the illuminating body harness that Sara wears at the end…Oh,La,La).
There are also clips from the old Nostalgia of Mud shop & the Davies St shop which had only just opened.
There are some other extracts from this documentary on the web if you want to investigate a bit, but not the whole show.

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To Fight for Justice is to Fight the Law

Shaker Aamer Guantanamo

Some months ago my mother gave me a rather difficult job to do. She wanted me to see what I could do to secure the release from Guantanamo detention center of the Saudi citizen & British legal permanent resident Shaker Aamer.
The reason for this is that his case is an ideal illustration for the title of this piece ‘To Fight for Justice is to fight the Law’.
Shaker Aamer (known as prisoner 239) is trapped in a hellish legal 13 yearlong limbo. Not charged or convicted of anything but yet unable to legally challenge his situation… because of the legal situation.
Getting Shaker out of a US overseas military base is rather a tall order for me, so I want to call on YOU!! I would really like to involve more people in this & try to get some ideas about what next to do…
I shall publish below the results of my research. There is a lot of stuff & a lot of references to official sounding, obscure acronyms like the AUMF, the NDAA & SOFA. Even the USA Patriot Act actually stands for ‘Uniting & Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept & Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001.

Continue reading

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During the Scottish referendum last week my mother Vivienne said something controversial (again).
She said that she hated England.
I want to explain that this is not a spur of the moment outburst from her.
Anyone who is a Punk or knows about the Punk movement in the 1970’s will (or should) know that that was the focal point of her & their anger at the time.
The music & the fashion has changed since then (boring if it didn’t) but the political standpoint has not. Vivienne is a true Punk……& don’t you forget it!
The cause of this anger is that although England is a small country it is the cause of a lot of injustice & damage in the broader world, both in past history & also today.
England is a major wrecker of the planet & its people.
In fact when Punk first started in the1970’s English democracy was better than it is today. At least there were trade unions & politically different political parties to vote for. Today unions have been ‘gelded’ & the political parties are exactly the same as each other. They are either Conservative or else ‘New Conservative’ (which is what the Labour party should be called).
Now as in the 70’s Vivienne hopes that young people can & will fight against injustice. Her major hope lies with them….You!


‘A survey, commissioned by Conservative peer Lord Ashcroft, said 71% of 16 to 17-year-olds voted for Scotland to be independent and 29% voted against’



(The 18 to 24 year olds must have been listening to their parents)
The reason that Vivienne hoped that the Scots would vote for independence is that she sees the ‘Yes’ vote as a vote for ‘People Power’.
45% of the Scots did vote for this & it is a shame that it was not possible this time to escape from the unjust tentacles of English politics……

Vivienne Westwood

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