Holly Johnson Interview

This last Tuesday it was really great to finally meet again with Mr Holly Johnson to do a new video interview outside Worlds End Shop, the previous of these having been with Mr Adam Ant.
As usual the traffic was noisy but Mr Johnson comes through loud & clear.
Due to a broken down bus being right outside the shop I could not shoot from my usual place across the street so we tried to improvise by going round the corner a bit. However this was not ideal, so we moved again & actually used the broken bus to shelter ourselves a bit from the road. A lot better.
Holly knew of the shop when it was called ‘Seditionaries’…….but I’ll let him do the talking.
16 minutes. Let it roll….


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Politicians R Criminals Pt2 – TTIP

Today I tell you about how Criminal Politicians are aiming for world dominance together with Giant Monopolies and the Central Banks.

TTIP is only one of 4 monstrous trade deals giving unprecedented corporate power to the monopolies. The other 3 are TPP, CETA, and TISA. Nick Dearden’s guest blog tells you all the facts! It is more urgent than ever to sign the petition!

Blow your whistle and get the $ 100.000 Wikileaks bounty!

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