The Rubber Maid’s Dress

Linda-Halpin Rubber_Maid Punk Vivienne_Westwood Nutz Worlds_End_shop Leg_Model Malcolm_McLaren

As an illustration of the exceptional quality of the rubber/latex wear available in the mid seventies incarnation of the 430 Kings Rd shop – SEX (1974-76), I have dug out some old pin-up photos showing a rubber maid’s dress that was sold there at the time.
The first photos are from an album cover for the band ‘Nutz’ & these photos show an actual dress from the shop, borrowed for this shoot, photographed by rock photographer Ross Halpin & modelled by his leg model sister, Linda.
The rubber t-shirts worn by the band are from the shop too.
The dresses were available in two different versions, red & black frill, & black & red frill. Continue reading

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Something Special


There is something quite special in Worlds End right now.
Since the SS16 Man & SS16 Gold Label collections an experiment has been taking place involving using classic Worlds End shapes with different yarns & fabrics & the first batch of these designs is in the shop now.
The shapes being redone are the squiggle shirt & it’s sleeveless version.
Both of these items, plus the new matching Lotus shorts are now made with a newly developed 100% organic cotton yarn & a new & ecologically friendly dying process. All three items are Unisex.
As is pretty commonplace with new ideas, the new yarn technique was developed through an accident. Continue reading

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Suzanne Mizzi – The Lost Bride

Vivienne_Westwood Suzanne_Mitzi Ben_Westwood

This weeks post is about a shoot I did in the summer of 1989.
I was still working for my mother’s company at the time (1986 – 1990) in Greenland Place, Camden & this particular afternoon she had a special brief for me…take model Suzanne Mizzi (who had modelled in her previous Civilizade, SS 1989 & Voyage to Cythera, AW 1989-90 collections) & a newly made wedding dress design down to Piccadilly Circus & take some photos, the idea being that she was a bride who had lost her way to her wedding.  Continue reading

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Power to the People

Crown Vivienne_Westwood Juergen_Teller

Symbolising power to the people, this week’s post is to recommend & illustrate how to make your own crown. A democratic crown.
How to make the one illustrated above in the photo by Juergen Teller is already on this site. Click on ’Do It Yourself’ above.
There is a second version you can also make. Instructions here.
This version was made for the recent London Unisex fashion show, AW 2016/17, which was named after the green energy supplier Ecotricity & was also worn at the Fabric nightclub event in London on the 20th Feb.
Read about the night here.


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The Antipeople Scarf

Antipeople_Scarf Vivienne_Westwood Climate_Change Financial_System

This week Worlds End has a new scarf/shawl in 100% lambswool, 270 cm long by 75cm wide. I have previously written about the manufacture, history & quality of this accessory here.

The current version is in 5 colours & sports several slogans all connected with the rotten financial system we currently live under & it’s responsibility for austerity measures, poverty & climate change.
This financial system allows one million, of what Vivienne has coined the ‘antipeople’, to control the rest of the seven billion of us on this planet, acting the same as a parasite in that they suck up all profit from the works of others & like a parasite they eventually kill the host – us!
(have you switched your energy supplier yet to a green one?).
At the end of the scarf are the words:
Friends of Oxfam oppose Rotten Financial System = Rot $
Soon nobody will be able to help anybody/globa
This wording is addressed specifically to Oxfam but also to the other NGO’s & their supporters addressing the rape of our planet & the suffering of its inhabitants, i.e Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, the RSPB, etc.
What the wording explains is that the world situation is getting worse & worse & the work of these organisations although helping a bit is fighting a losing cause. It is a call for them & all of their supporters (of which we are one) to realise that they need to ‘up’ their game & get more politically opposed to the root cause of their fight. The rotten financial system.
These NGO’s have a lot of supporters. They need to start co-ordinated actions, like for instance urging their members to all switch energy suppliers away from the fossil fuel industries.
Some of these NGO’s receive funding from the UK government, which complicates any direct criticism. If these NGO’s don’t come out against the government though, their causes are lost.

Antipeople_Scarf Vivienne_westwood Climate_Change Financial_system

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