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I just received this e-mail from Murray who is back from a trip to America where he attended a friend’s wedding. Murray is the other Westwood employee who is involved on the World’s End shop project here at the Battersea Studio along with Johannes & myself. Murray was previously designing the Red label collection but he has been working at Westwood since the ‘early days’ in 1987. Previous to that he had been the designer for ‘Boy’ in the Kings Rd  as well as running his own clothing label with his then partner.

Thank you Murray.

‘Hello Ben – I am just sorting out pictures and stuff and I found this picture of my best Friend Mr Michael Allen that I took in the Mission San Francisco on the 6th June 2013.
He’s proudly wearing a limited edition ‘composite print  square t-shirt. Michael especially likes the ‘Who the Fuck need Art ‘message, but everyone finds a favourite once they start looking at all Vivienne’s AR graphics !
These are  made in limited runs of 12 and will be made as and when the studio has time.
They are exclusively for Worlds End and are very special indeed!
May be it’s a nice little thing to put on the Blog

X Murray’

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The Public is the Enemy

When I watched Vivienne’s talk with Julian Assange last night it came to mind to share this little story with you. As some of you already know I’m working on the technical side of all the Worlds End special products.

I go through Heathrow Terminal 1 quite frequently. I know my ways there. I’m one of those people who always come last minute when everyone is sitting in the plane already. About 3 weeks ago, after I went through security, half way in the main hall, I was stopped by 2 security guys who were running to catch me. They said they saw my t-shirt and I’m not allowed to wear this on the airport grounds. I was surprised and confused, at first didn’t understand what they wanted from me (I must admit I like men in uniform). They explained there is a rule that it is not allowed to show the word ‘Terrorist’ in whichever way in the airport, because it could create panic?!? I read the shirt to them, explained this t-shirt is about bringing up a question. It is not an encouragement for potential terrorists. Those guys didn’t like discussions. I had to take the shirt off, turn it around and wear it inside out. They took me to a separate room to do that.

What makes me so angry about it is that whoever invented that rule thinks people are stupid. It shows there is no trust in the community. I only hope that this is not a law, and rather a funny idea by an overly excited security manager of a privately run company. Still an airport is a public space, it represents a country.

The ‘I’m not a terrorist’ t-shirt was never one of my favourite Westwood tees. I know it’s popular, but for me the ‘please don’t arrest me’ always sounded rather passive. After that incident I like it much more. It became a powerful tool.


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