Dressed to Kill

Seen last weekend: Clea Cutthroat and Anita Drink/Eat Lipstick (in vintage Gold Label) performing at White Trash. Most of you already know, we have a great selection of past season Gold Label pieces and one-offs in the shop – constantly changing. For example this knitted Bolero from the LONDON collection, it's an adaption from the original Prince Charming version.

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New Caps

Vivienne Westwood


Just in – a new addition to World’s End shop, the new ‘Climate Revolution’ & ‘Save the Arctic’ caps.

Exclusive to this shop & with the theme of using our left over fabrics, the caps are in a blue/dark blue camouflage originally used for jumpsuits in the AW 09/10 ‘+5’ gold label show. There was enough fabric to make a total of 110 caps & this quantity is equally distributed between the two different prints.

The ‘Save the Arctic’ print is regarding the Greenpeace led campaign to prevent the Arctic spaces which are newly opening up now because of the melting Arctic ice (caused by climate change) from being exploited for their natural resources causing further climate change plus the pollution of one of the last pristine areas of our earth.

The ‘Climate Revolution’ print covers this topic too but also the entire gamut of corrupt, exploitative, unhealthy & undemocratic practices perpetrated in our name by the present political & financial system.
Check out the new website on www.climaterevolution.org.uk

The caps retail at £75.

Vivienne Westwood

New caps

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