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Mescalero Pin-up 1

In my personal collection of Westwood clothing I found an old piece from the AW’83 show ‘The Nostalgia of Mud’ that I wore quite a bit at the time. It is a multi coloured woollen vest with matching leggings. On the vest is a print called the Mescalaro print as it is a design created by the Mescalaro Indians (a sub-tribe of the Apache) of south-central New Mexico USA (the name is from a plant indigenous to the area which was a staple food source for the tribe, the Mescal Agave. This is the same plant that the Spaniards later made the alcoholic drink Mescal from).
I haven’t seen any press or old photos of the piece so I thought that I would have some fun & do a shoot with it myself with the help of the lovely Tomoka.
A bit ‘tongue in cheek’, I thought I’d have a go at an Indian Pin-Up………. Continue reading

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Adam Ant Interview

Happy New Year!. I took a brisk walk up to the World’s End shop Monday afternoon to have my meeting with Adam. We had been meaning to do it for the last 6 months but the timing obviously had not been right until now. I wanted to ask him about his association with Vivienne & the shop as he has been a customer for 40 years. We ordered two cups of tea & sat across the road from the shop at the Chinese bakery. It had just been raining so I was a bit worried about the background wet hiss from the traffic but as it goes I can hear him quite clearly on the playback.

So….16 minutes long, let it roll

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Anarchy Shirt 2013

Vivienne Westwood

Anarchy shirt 2013

In 1978 I & my brother Joe took part in the filming of the opening scene of the film ‘The Great Rock & Roll Swindle’. It was the scene where they recreated the Gordon Riots (of 1780) in Wapping by the river, this time with effigies of the five ‘Sex Pistols’ which were dragged through the streets & then all burnt on a scaffold. Continue reading

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