Free post in UK

Just a quick post to say that it looks now as if the World’s End shop will be closed until much further into November.
Whilst the shop is closed it is still possible to buy items through mail order on & I have just been told that for within the UK the postage will not be charged for these items.
Happy Shopping!

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Closed for a bit…….

The Worlds End shop has not been open this week as at last a major refurbishment is under way.
Apologies for not giving any advance notice but the decision to close came on us suddenly.The reason for this refurbishment is rather interesting.
We have now acquired the basement space to number 430.
Anyone who has ever been to the shop will know that there has always been a restaurant next door. The longest running one was called Osteria (this was here before Let It Rock opened & is now in Clapham High St).
The new space will not be used for retail. Instead an office, storage space & room for the mail order side of things will be incorporated here. Also a new changing room & at last a toilet!.
This will create a lot more space on the shop floor itself & will allow for some major changes here too although don’t worry, the shop is still keeping its original pirate ship theme.
Work is expected to last for the rest of October & into November maybe.
In the meantime the mail order side of business is still in operation on:

Thank you….
(& of course I will still be posting on this site & will keep you informed)


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Happy Christmas 2013

World's End shop

Lise, Setsuyo, I & all the staff on the World’s End team would like to wish you & all of our customers a very Happy Christmas!!
It has been a good year at the shop & there are some interesting developments brewing so lets see.I have enjoyed doing the blog & have a lot more ideas for the future.I will be back at the beginning of January.

The shop will still be open as usual apart from the 25th, 26th & 1st Jan.

All the Best & a Happy New Year 2014!



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Westwood tour

Fukuoka Omula Biyou Fashion College

Fukuoka Omula Biyou Fashion College

Today my wife Tomoka & I gave a tour of the Westwood studios in Battersea to 31 students & 2 staff from the Fukuoka Omula Biyou Fashion College in Japan who wanted to see how a fashion house operated.
Afterwards we walked with them up to the World’s End shop where we probably broke the record for the number of people in the shop at one time.

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Send in photos

There has been such a good response to the DIY Drape shirt post that I should love to do a future post on the results of the people who managed to make the shirt (& even maybe on those who didn’t quite manage it) …..

Could anyone who is interested in taking part please send in your photos & any comments you have to Lise at

Thanking you kindly … Ben


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Dressed to Kill

Seen last weekend: Clea Cutthroat and Anita Drink/Eat Lipstick (in vintage Gold Label) performing at White Trash. Most of you already know, we have a great selection of past season Gold Label pieces and one-offs in the shop – constantly changing. For example this knitted Bolero from the LONDON collection, it's an adaption from the original Prince Charming version.

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