New Year 2017 – 5 Centuries Ago AW97/98 Paris Collection Super 8mm


So this week (& a Happy New Year to you All) is the time to show my Super 8mm footage from behind the scenes, backstage at the ’5 Centuries Ago AW 97-98′ Paris show, the collection 6 months after last week’s video post.
I said that it would be more ‘titillating’, & now you’ll see why…
Having once been a fetish photographer & a campaigner for free sexual expression & against obscenity & censorship laws; I must admit my own guilt because I have censored this footage a bit…
The show took place at the Lido showgirl venue in the Champs Elysees, Paris & the lovely ladies of that establishment modelled alongside the Supermodels. I got a bit carried away…
As I stated last week, the lingerie designs were mine, so that is my excuse.
On the other hand, my edit does make the film a bit tighter, & incidentally, I must say that that the job of a backstage dresser is one of the best…
So off we go & ‘Oh La La’!
Bring on 2018

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Xmas 2017 – Vive la Bagatelle SS97 Paris Collection Super 8mm


It’s nearly 5 years now since I did my first post for the Worlds End site. It was February 21st 2013, with a post of an Old Photo of Sara Stockbridge looking sexy at the shop’s till.
I’ve managed to do roughly a post a week during that time, which is a pretty good track record I think. It’s easy in one way, as there is always something to write about.
Lots of memories, lots of politics, many struggles & of course, lots of clothes,… but in another way, quite difficult, as no matter what I write, I always have to do another one, week on, week on.
Also, I don’t know who or how many people read what I write or what effect is has.
For the last year or so, I have written the blog completely on my own, with very little contact with the rest of the Worlds End team (Johannes, Murray & Lisa). They have all been just as preoccupied as me & this year has been pretty full.
I, personally have not been paying such strict attention to the new clothes appearing in the shop (they keep coming).
My mother Vivienne is a powerhouse regarding these things & I always live in a state of perpetual respect for her creative drive & energy.
It takes bit of time always, as she has so much on her plate, but when she is ready, she nails a project in 10 minutes, literally.
Johannes (now with the help of assistant, Ines) has got the Worlds End label production under control & flowing nicely now, no mean feat!.
Murray, who has worked with Vivienne for years & who does many different things in her company is also ultra efficient , because he can second guess for Vivienne,
& Lise was made to front the shop & to show how great & special the clothes, contained therein, are.
So…Bollocks to the conveyor belt, times are different for me right now & posts will come out when I have something worthy.
Right now I do:-)
In March,1997, as always every 6 months, I went to Vivienne’s, Paris fashion show.This one ‘Vive la Bagatelle’ was different.
This was the show that showcased my & my partner Yasmine’s lingerie designs.
The supermodels of the world were wearing them, & I was using a Super 8mm film camera.
This is the footage I shot…
4.14 minutes of beauty.
An ace up my sleeve, is that I can actually make this film clearer in the future.
The process, here used, is that I projected the footage onto a wall & filmed it with my Hi8 video camera.
The benefit of this technique though, is that I love the pulsing nature of the film & I love the sound of the projector whirring.
On the humorous side, you will notice that the lighting technique used in the film, is my good friend Andy (the Gardener), who I got to carry a tungsten security light on a long extension lead.
In order to get the correct light level, he had to nearly burn the lovely bottom of supermodel Nadia Alderman, which he also, with great pleasure, had to run after.
Helena Christensen & Eva Herzigova look pretty Hot too, whilst Jerry Hall does her thing.
I have 2 shows covered by this filming technique & showcasing this lingerie.
The subsequent one, shot at the Lido showgirl venue & modelled by another kind of even sexier supermodel, is from the collection called ’5 Centuries Ago’ (AW97-98).
I will screen this first one now & really very Merry Christmas to you all, the next (a lot more titillating), I will screen next week, on New Years Eve.
After that, it will be 2018 & we will see how it goes :-)

All the Best


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