Ash from Chaos – Exhibition

ash-from-chaos Joe-Corre Punk Malcolm-McLaren

Punk has become a marketing exercise to sell you
something you don’t need. The illusion of an
alternative choice, a cog in the Nonstop Distraction
Machine. The establishment endorsed impotent
Whilst we are occupied with Punk’s carcass of
Nostalgia in the pursuit of cool. Our house is being
burgled and set on fire.
What will be the value of its Ashes?
DIY is Punk’s only lasting ethic of value. Discover
the truth for yourself and act on it.
This is activism.
You can choose, how you inform yourself, vote, what
you eat, buy, consume and discard, where you put
your money, how you participate in OUR FUTURE.

ash-from-chaos Joe-Corre Punk Malcolm-McLaren Nick-Reynolds

Press Release:

A reserve price of £6 million, has been put on the ‘pile of ash’ from the highly controversial punk memorabilia burn by Lazinc Gallery in Mayfair – which is now immortalised in a dramatic artwork.
Lazinc’s reserve makes the ‘Punk Ash Art’ worth more than the artefacts’ original value of £5 million.
Lazinc director Steve Lazarides is best known for being the agent of Banksy. He says: “We are very proud to be exhibiting Corré’s art work. His incredible work defines an era.”
The work will be on display in Lazinc’s first-floor viewing room until 7th May 2018
The artwork will also incorporate Malcolm McLaren’s death mask. Sculptor Nick Reynolds, who created the original, was instructed by Joe Corré to recreate the mask for his art presentation.
On the 40th Anniversary of the release of Anarchy In The UK, 26th November 2016, Joe Corré, who co-founded Agent Provocateur, torched his entire punk memorabilia collection including bondage gear, Johnny Rotten’s trousers and a tiny swastika-sporting Sid Vicious doll. It followed a year of punk celebrations orchestrated by the Museum of London, the British Library, the British Film Institute, the British Fashion Council, the Heritage Lottery Fund as well as the Mayor of London.
Corré was highly critical of the shameless commercialisation of punk by the State and corporate sector. “With Virgin Punk credit cards, Punky McNuggets, Punk Fairy Liquid, bondage trousers from Louis Vuitton and punk car insurance, something needed to be done to put a stop to the rot” he says.
“This expensive pile of ash commemorates the demise of Punk but also society as we know it,” says Corré. “Punk was hijacked by corporations and the Establishment, it’s potency rendered meaningless”.
Corré has double-hijacked Punk back, killing it off as an act of kindness.
“NO NINSDOL! Punk became new wave. Punk became tame, conformity in another uniform. Punk needed to be destroyed so it’s spirit could be set free,” remarks Corré.
According to Corré: “Punk is dead, it is used by corporations to offer people an illusion of an alternative choice to sell them something they don’t need. It’s been hijacked but I’ve hijacked it back and we can now use that opportunity to see things for what they really are. Now we’re talking about the value of ash.”
All of the profits from the sale of this ‘Ash From Chaos’ artwork will go towards the Humanade charity to continue the fight against fracking, support some of London’s youth organisations as well as environmental protection.
This unique display will feature as one of the last chapters in a series of events culminating in the Burn Punk London Documentary, which will be released later this year and will explain the reasons behind the burn.

ash-from-chaos Joe-Corre Punk Malcolm-McLaren

ash-from-chaos Joe-Corre Punk Malcolm-McLaren

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Green Grass Gas

Green Grass Gas Vivienne Westwood Ecotricity

In line with last week’s post about switching your electricity & gas to a green supplier, this week’s post is to introduce the new Green Grass Gas t-shirt & explain what it means.
Through a process called anaerobic digestion, methane gas can be produced from organic matter, in this case from cut grass.
Ecotricity founder Dale Vince has been promoting this technology & planning permission has just been granted for them to build their first Mill at Sparsholt College in Hampshire.
It is estimated that Britain could produce 66% of domestic and commercial gas demand from grass on marginal farmland by 2035.
Producing gas from grass is a carbon neutral process because the gas released has only recently been absorbed from the atmosphere by the grass, whereas the gas in fossil fuels has been absorbed from the atmosphere millions of years ago, & then stored.
By re-introducing a system of crop rotation on our farmland whereby land is left unused for a period of time, enough grass can be produced. This has other benefits as well. A habitat for wildflowers & wildlife is provided. The soil naturally regains its fertility & chemical fertilizers are not needed. In fact, the left over waste produced from the gas making process is a great natural fertilizer.
Kind of a win, win situation.
Green Grass Gas is also a great alternative to Fracking & hopefully it will supplant that dangerously, toxic technique.
We at Westwood support Ecotricity & the Green Grass Gas project.
The t-shirt comes in 5 sizes, is in 100% organic cotton & comes in one colour, grey.
The t-shirt is exclusive to Worlds End shop.
Ray Noir kindly models for us again.

More information on Green Grass Gas

Green Grass Gas Ecotricity Vivienne Westwood

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You Have Committed a Political Act

This week’s post is about a very serious & effective political act that any of us can make, right now.
No need to wait for the next general election, you can enforce your vote immediately.
Do you believe in Climate Change?
Are you against Fracking?
Do you want cheaper energy?
Do you want the UK to be energy independent?

Do you want to do something about this?

We have an amazing chance right now. In 1996 the EU began deregulating the gas and electricity markets, to open them to competition & since then we have had the choice to choose what company we get our personal supply of energy from.
Rather than just looking for the cheapest fossil fuel supplier, the energy from which gradually gets more & more expensive, there are now more & more green energy suppliers who put all their profit into green energy research & projects, energy that is virtually free after the initial investment.
Watch the video where green energy company Ecotricity founder Dale Vince explains to Vivienne how this works.

Imagine the whole country switched tonight (it only takes 5 minutes)?
We would wake tomorrow with a completely different national energy policy & the government & their fossil fuel backers would be bypassed!
(We at Westwood have made it our aim to get 50% of the population to switch by the end of 2017)

Ecotricity switch VW-Press-Release-AW17

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