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Last updated: 18/03/14
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19 MARCH – 11.00-11.15 – BATTERSEA BRIDGE

Posted on Friday, March 14th, 2014 by CR

Vivienne Westwood will be marching from Battersea to Knightsbridge to the Fracked Future Carnival, come and join her march at Battersea Bridge from around 11:00am to 11:15am, where we march in solidarity.
Fracked Future Carnival on the 19th  of March it is a demonstration towards the CEOs of IGas, Cuadrilla and various government officials who are attending the Shale Gas Forum to plot new ways to bring fracking to the UK. We know fracking won’t lower our bills and it won’t bring significant jobs. It has the potential to ruin our land, our water, our soil and will keep us dependent on fossil fuels. We won’t let them frack our future!

There will be a live DJ set, speakers (including Vivienne) at the event. Please bring food/soft drinks (picnic) as we plan to be there till 4pm the latest


Ben says:
P.S.Apparently upon hearing about our march the participants of tomorrows shale gas forum have now moved their venue to an alternative secret location. The march is still going ahead so please join us. It is great to have these people ‘on the run’ so to speak & I would like to ask what do these people have to hide? Government ministers & energy CEOs sneaking around in secret together does not sound very democratic to me…….  Continue reading

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I am just completely fracked off at our government. They never listen to us, the people. They only listen to the ‘profit’ word. They call it ‘our’ Economy ??…

Come to the party on Wednesday night. Not only will it be the best place to be but all the money goes to funding the anti-fracking movement(s) that we here at Westwood are involved in…

What kind of world are we leaving for our children ? …& making for ourselves ?

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New Caps

Vivienne Westwood


Just in – a new addition to World’s End shop, the new ‘Climate Revolution’ & ‘Save the Arctic’ caps.

Exclusive to this shop & with the theme of using our left over fabrics, the caps are in a blue/dark blue camouflage originally used for jumpsuits in the AW 09/10 ‘+5’ gold label show. There was enough fabric to make a total of 110 caps & this quantity is equally distributed between the two different prints.

The ‘Save the Arctic’ print is regarding the Greenpeace led campaign to prevent the Arctic spaces which are newly opening up now because of the melting Arctic ice (caused by climate change) from being exploited for their natural resources causing further climate change plus the pollution of one of the last pristine areas of our earth.

The ‘Climate Revolution’ print covers this topic too but also the entire gamut of corrupt, exploitative, unhealthy & undemocratic practices perpetrated in our name by the present political & financial system.
Check out the new website on

The caps retail at £75.

Vivienne Westwood

New caps

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