Lion Bag


The Lion bag was developed for the Gold Label Collection “Wild Beauty” in 2001. It is one of Vivienne’s favourite accessories.
If you find yourself in the Battersea area there is a good chance that you’ll see Vivienne on her bike with this bag hanging from the handle bar.
At Worlds End we currently have it in suede (black, blue/grey, bordeaux, and sand. We are making a fabric version later this year.

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Mountain Hat

The Mountain Hat is a long time classic invented by Vivienne for her 3rd fashionshow “Nostalgia of Mud” in 1982. Even though we have a whole range of different hats this is for sure the most popular one. We constantly change the colours, and during summer we offer a straw version, but you should always be able to get one in black or brown from the shop. Mountain Hat, one size, £95.00.

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