Bradley Manning-Truth

Vivienne would like you to come to the demonstration outside the US embassy, Grosvenor Square at 2pm on Saturday 1st June - in support of Bradley Manning- ahead of his trial which begins on Monday 3rd June. Bradley Manning, a 25 year old US intelligence analyst, faces life in prison for sharing a video of a US helicopter attack that killed 11 civilians and wounded two children in Baghdad with the Wikileaks website.
Bradley Manning
He’s also been charged with blowing the whistle on the “Iraq War Logs”, the “Afghan Diaries”, the “Gitmo Files” and embarrassing US State Department cables. He exposed war crimes – he has not committed a crime. He’s been charged with telling us the truth. Bradley went before a US court and admitted he did pass the information to Wikileaks in the interests of the public. He couldn’t believe that we were doing these things in countries we were supposed to be protecting
You can find more information in Vivienne’s diary for Friday, 3 May: Here

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2 thoughts on “Bradley Manning-Truth

  1. It’s scary that they will do this, in full public view !!! We know he is innocent and he still faces the possibility of prison ! Alot of people don’t like the truth but this is ridiculous !

  2. I’m going to be there, coming down to London for the day for it.