Suzanne Mizzi – The Lost Bride

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This weeks post is about a shoot I did in the summer of 1989.
I was still working for my mother’s company at the time (1986 – 1990) in Greenland Place, Camden & this particular afternoon she had a special brief for me…take model Suzanne Mizzi (who had modelled in her previous Civilizade, SS 1989 & Voyage to Cythera, AW 1989-90 collections) & a newly made wedding dress design down to Piccadilly Circus & take some photos, the idea being that she was a bride who had lost her way to her wedding. 
So we squeezed Suzanne, who had also been a Page3/glamour girl, into the dress at the office & caught a cab down to the location. The minute we arrived & started shooting, people of course noticed & a crowd began to gather, & by the time of the final photos there must have been about 60 people in a circle around us.
Suzanne was a star, sexily hiking up her skirt to walk up the steps from the underground station, chatting with the tourist stall vendor, lounging on the steps of Eros (actually, the statue is of Anteros) & hanging onto a lamp post, which was not that easy in a wedding dress (she needed a bit of help to get up there).
Also, the weather was blazing hot with perfectly blue skies (which does happen here in England), so everything was perfect – until the photos were developed!
Something went wrong & the negs came out much too grainy. We couldn’t use them..My fault & I was gutted (literally).
Anyway, on a small scale you can see what they were like, so here they are.

Vivienne_Westwood Suzanne_Mitzi Ben_WestwoodB&W09 B&W11 Bride-1 Contact-Sheet-Worked scan-07---Copy

Very sadly Suzanne died in 2011

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