Blade Runner 2049 – Don’t Watch!

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Today is the release date for the 1982 Blade Runner sequel, ‘Blade Runner 2049’ & since the original film was used in inspiration for Vivienne & Malcolm’s SS83 Punkature collection, I thought that I would do a post about this.
Actually, I’m not going to talk about the collection here. For this read my previous post.
In it you can also watch the video of the show…
What I am going to mention is that I am not in a hurry to watch the new film. I loved the original & I loved Ridley Scott’s second film Alien (the first X film that I ever saw), but I think that he has made a real mistake in producing these sequels & prequels for his best films.
The prequels to Alien were dreadful because if watched in order, they destroy the atmosphere & mystery to that first film, which was its strongest point & which made it so brilliant that it was worth copying.
Where did the alien come from? Where did the crashed spaceship come from? Why did it crash? Are all questions best left unanswered. It makes the viewer think & creates a feeling for the unknown.
One of the worst mysteries explained was that the dead alien body, which in the original film, thanks to the brilliant work of artist HR Giger, looked as though it was growing out of the chair, was in the prequel shown to just be a humanoid body in a spacesuit. How dull!

Alien Ridley-Scott HR-Giger

Dan O’Bannon was the creative mind behind ‘Alien’ anyway…
I am sure that in Blade Runner 2049 we find out dull things such as – Rick Deckard’s replicant love, Rachel died years ago (there is no character called Rachel in the sequel). Deckard’s love for Rachel was the one hopeful thing & that was how the original story had left it.
I also bet that Harrison Ford’s character Deckard dies in the new film…
Harrison Ford is such a big star these days that it is more economical to kill him off before making the numerous other sequels that will be coming next, just like they did with him for the new Star Wars sequels.
Again, these sequels/prequels just kill the first film & the only reason they are made is to capitalise on the success of the originals (still worth watching), which they slowly, without ‘knowing it’, strangle, like the true parasites that they are…
Lastly, I was watching a repeat of Black Hawk Down the other night & although it is a great action movie I started to realise that this was just richly backed white men shooting poor black men.
All the ‘hero’ stuff about the American soldiers, their sacrifice & their loss, was all completely one sided. Apparently in the real event 20 Americans were killed, but 2000 Somalis were killed.
What about a few touching scenes where the Somalis say goodbye to their kids, what about their motivations, comradery, etc?
The film is completely racist & imperialist. Sad to say, but I don’t like Ridley so much these days, whatever his skills.


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3 thoughts on “Blade Runner 2049 – Don’t Watch!

  1. That last Alien thing was unwatchable … Absolute rubbish … Like some soap opera … But I have to say Blade Runner 2049 is quite a surprise … I hated the directors last film ” Arrival ” which was stupidly over rated … But this one, on an imax screen … Its worth it … I nearly shed a tear once or twice :)

    • I thought it was amazing and saw it 3d. I was not expecting to
      be like the first and directors cut. I loved Bladerunner 2049!

  2. You are so right. Yes, the images are impressive but the movie totally lacks atmosphere, magic and soul. And the ending is the worst.