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In the AW 05/06 Gold Label collection in Paris a new shirt was introduced, called the Babushka shirt (babushka means grandmother in Russian).
The distinctive design of this shirt is that apart from being traditional in most respects, the front of the shirt is one piece of oversize fabric without buttons, not attached to the collar. This fabric drapes & billows in an interesting way when worn.
This shirt has now been reproduced for Worlds End shop, price £225.00.
Modelled by Boyd from Elite models this new version of the shirt is made in a 100% cotton shirting last used for the bib front shirts in the SS 83 ‘Punkature’ collection & specially looked for by Murray.
The original shirt in the AW 05/06 show had a print on it & this leads me to an interesting point.
Vivienne Westwood
The AW 05/06 collection was special for a reason not suspected at the time but apparent ever since. It was the collection that unveiled a resurgence in Vivienne’s political activism through clothing. Specifically it was the introduction of a series of political prints & these prints had been created first of all for the Worlds End shop.
You must understand that Worlds End is Vivienne’s favourite shop & it is her favourite label. It is the place where aspects of commercialism do not play so much of a part & where she can experiment. She can be free there.
At the time she was thinking about how she could engage the young kids of the world in her political views & knowing (from experience) that artworks, prints & slogans are the best way she came up with a series of six new prints which she sold at first on t-shirts in the Worlds End shop.
The AW 05/06 show was forthcoming & so this was the first time that these prints were shown to the international audience. The collection was called ‘Propaganda’ & I have attached a press list used for the show of the six prints shown & their explanation.Vivienne Westwood

P.S. You will also notice in the photograph of Boyd that he is wearing the new Worlds End Drunken Trousers & the new Three Tongue Trainers. More about these to come…

Vivienne Westwood



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One thought on “Babushka Shirt

  1. Aaaahhh??? A new babushka shirt? New three tonge trainers?!!…. Well, I did myself a babushka shirt from a vintage, which was too short for me. It suit me very well… Can I put the logo on it? I also have one, from Gold Label /World’s End, which has button on it.
    And the trainers, well I have them with the red logo, back in 1984 (????), before all Westwood labels came (Gold, Red – for women – and Men).
    The trousers are beautiful… I hope coming to London again…