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Mescalero Pin-up 1

In my personal collection of Westwood clothing I found an old piece from the AW’83 show ‘The Nostalgia of Mud’ that I wore quite a bit at the time. It is a multi coloured woollen vest with matching leggings. On the vest is a print called the Mescalaro print as it is a design created by the Mescalaro Indians (a sub-tribe of the Apache) of south-central New Mexico USA (the name is from a plant indigenous to the area which was a staple food source for the tribe, the Mescal Agave. This is the same plant that the Spaniards later made the alcoholic drink Mescal from).
I haven’t seen any press or old photos of the piece so I thought that I would have some fun & do a shoot with it myself with the help of the lovely Tomoka.
A bit ‘tongue in cheek’, I thought I’d have a go at an Indian Pin-Up………. Continue reading

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Adam Ant Interview

Happy New Year!. I took a brisk walk up to the World’s End shop Monday afternoon to have my meeting with Adam. We had been meaning to do it for the last 6 months but the timing obviously had not been right until now. I wanted to ask him about his association with Vivienne & the shop as he has been a customer for 40 years. We ordered two cups of tea & sat across the road from the shop at the Chinese bakery. It had just been raining so I was a bit worried about the background wet hiss from the traffic but as it goes I can hear him quite clearly on the playback.

So….16 minutes long, let it roll

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Happy Christmas 2013

World's End shop

Lise, Setsuyo, I & all the staff on the World’s End team would like to wish you & all of our customers a very Happy Christmas!!
It has been a good year at the shop & there are some interesting developments brewing so lets see.I have enjoyed doing the blog & have a lot more ideas for the future.I will be back at the beginning of January.

The shop will still be open as usual apart from the 25th, 26th & 1st Jan.

All the Best & a Happy New Year 2014!



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