Politicians R Criminals Pt2 – TTIP

Today I tell you about how Criminal Politicians are aiming for world dominance together with Giant Monopolies and the Central Banks.

TTIP is only one of 4 monstrous trade deals giving unprecedented corporate power to the monopolies. The other 3 are TPP, CETA, and TISA. Nick Dearden’s guest blog tells you all the facts! It is more urgent than ever to sign the petition!

Blow your whistle and get the $ 100.000 Wikileaks bounty!

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A hint of Worlds End at Selfridges

vivienne-westwood-selfridgesSome of you may have heard it already, when we asked you to send in your pictures. Selfridges has currently 4 window displays on Worlds End and Vivienne’s political work.  Unfortunately there is no “Friends Window” with all of your images.
This is simply because we didn’t have enough pictures in the end. But thanks to all of you who’ve sent something in. We are aware of the amount of time and work you spent.
There will be more opportunities in the future to enrol.
The black Clint Eastwood Bomber on the top picture is part of the new arrivals.

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Back to normal

The shop is open again, Lisa is back from her holiday…
So everything is back to normal. Look at that new floor – it’s the old one!
I’ve no idea how the builders managed to make it so shiny.
Anyways, welcome back!

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Shop Refurbishment

Some of you have probably noticed already, the shop is currently closed
for general refurbishment.
We hope to re-open again on Saturday 21st. If you have urgent requests,
you can still email us or call Lisa in the Conduit Street shop.
Next week we’ll have some Worlds End new arrivals ready for you.

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Drape Shirt

When you hold the Drape Shirt in your hands, you’ll be surprised of how simple it is: A raw edge cut square with sleeves. This is one of Vivienne’s every day basic pieces. She usually wears it underneath her knitwear.

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The little things


The things you see here Vivienne has developed especially for Worlds End.  They all have their own story and often are connected to a Gold Label Collection.

Jewellery Pin Set £28, Badge Set £15, Cowboy Hat £145, Baby grows £20, Canvas Belt £65/85

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