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I love camouflage. Camouflage reflects wild nature & has rawness about it. It gives me a connection to what we are separated from in modern civilization with our flat even surfaces, straight lines & monotone colours.
I have no desire to blend seamlessly into the background (anyone wearing camouflage in town can be seen a mile away), it is a statement.
Military clothing too.
I love the functionality of it. Everything you need to operate anywhere is on you or close to hand. It is tough.
I have no interest in nationalism though or protecting someone else’s ill gotten ‘property’, so it’s not about the official army although I do respect a soldier’s training & discipline.
(I read a piece recently that said that ‘the soldier/the normal guy’ is the most dangerous person in the whole world because without his or her help the rotten leaders of the world would not have any power at all….So Don’t enlist)

I’m developing a small range of clothing.

There is a jacket called the ‘Cavalry Jacket’. It has a very high collar which when the jacket is fastened at the front with press studs, falls over at the neck in the shape of the handkerchief worn around the neck by the US cavalry.
It is reversible. I decided to mix the camouflage with some other fabrics including a cotton gabardine, a wool flannel & also made one version which is quilted in the body area with a 100% brushed cotton filling for extra warmth.
Change your look quickly when needs must or it suits you.

Ben Westwood Worlds End shop

Reversible Quilted Jacket

Ben Westwood

4 Versions of Jacket

There are some combat trousers in matching fabrics. These are belted sash-like at the high waist & at the leg cuffs which are also elasticated. In hotter times the leg cuff can be pulled up & held around the leg just below the knee.
The trousers do not open at the waist but they do have a fly zip. However for ladies the trousers open all the way to the top so as to accommodate the hips.

Ben Westwood Worlds End shop

Camouflage Trousers

The cape…..
This is made in waterproof 100% waxed cotton with a cotton camouflage lining.
There are 2 zipped pockets on the inside, one of which can be used to hold the detachable matching hood. This hood is attached to the cape with press studs & the cape is also closed in this way.
There are 2 arm straps on the inside to hold the cape in position as well as some loops on the outside which enable the cape to be belted at the waist.
The cape comes in one size & 3 colours, tan, navy & green.

Ben Westwood

Waxed Cotton Cape & Hood

All sizes for men & women are available. If the jacket or trousers you require are not in stock then they can be ordered through the shop & should be ready within 4 weeks. A deposit will be asked for.

The jacket retails between £300.00 & £350.00
The trousers retail @ £185.00.
The cape retails @ £300.00

Ben Westwood  World's End shop

Ben Westwood World's End shop

Ben Westwood

Quilted Jacket







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4 thoughts on “Attention!!

  1. Love it all it is a strong contender for the upcoming spend money in the name of gebus festival.

  2. Hello.

    There is a beautiful poem by Boris Vian “The Deserter”, exhorting people to refuse to enlist.

    Here it is :

    Mr. President
    I’m writing you a letter
    that perhaps you will read
    If you have the time.

    I’ve just received
    my call-up papers
    to leave for the front
    Before Wednesday night.

    Mr. President
    I do not want to go
    I am not on this earth
    to kill wretched people.

    It’s not to make you mad
    I must tell you
    my decision is made
    I am going to desert.

    Since I was born
    I have seen my father die
    I have seen my brothers leave
    and my children cry.

    My mother has suffered so,
    that she is in her grave
    and she laughs at the bombs
    and she laughs at the worms.

    When I was a prisoner
    they stole my wife
    they stole my soul
    and all my dear past.

    Early tomorrow morning
    I will shut my door
    on these dead years
    I will take to the road.

    I will beg my way along
    on the roads of France
    from Brittany to Provence
    and I will cry out to the people:

    Refuse to obey
    refuse to do it
    don’t go to war
    refuse to go.

    If blood must be given
    go give your own
    you are a good apostle
    Mr. President.

    If you go after me
    warn your police
    that I’ll be unarmed
    and that they can shoot.

  3. I bought this jacket last week at Worlds End and have never stopped wearing it. Love it, Great styling Ben!!!