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At last!! After a long wait muslin shirts are finally back at World’s End. Recreated from the original design first made for Punks in 1977 & sold in Seditionaries, the 100% cotton shirt was based on the design of a straightjacket having extra long sleeves with clips & D rings on them which could be pulled around to the back of the wearer & fastened, so restraining them. Alternately the sleeves could be joined at the front of the wearer like handcuffs or else (more practically) the clips can be used to make the sleeves shorter.
When first produced the shirts had two main prints on them, ‘God Save the Queen’ (picture of Queen with safety pin through her lip) & the infamous ‘Destroy’ (Swastika, Jesus upside down on the cross with his penis drawn back in), but for the present version the shirt has the ‘Cockroach Propaganda’ print from the ‘Active Resistance’ (AR) show in s/s2006. This print attacks the present widely held belief that personal ‘progress’ is gauged by how much one can ‘consume’ (how big is your house, how fast is your car, how big is your wardrobe :-) , how much money have you to spend, etc) & has the words ‘With so much competition, brand names must spend more time than ever to make sure their pitch screeches so loud it can be heard over all the others ‘Consumers are like roaches- you spray them & spray them but they get immune after a while’’.
The cloth muslin was originally imported from Dhaka in the 17th century. Being so loosely woven it was an ideal cloth for hot climates as the air can easily pass through it. It became very popular in France in the 18th century & I am including a picture of Marie Antoinette wearing a muslin dress. Also muslin is useful as a filter i.e. to separate the curds from the whey in cheese making & as a gauze dressing for wounds.
……So, perfect for the hot weather we have just been having & also for the state of continual social bondage we are always in, get your shirt & tie yourself up. Have Fun

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Jonny Rotten



Vivienne Westwood 1977

Vivienne Westwood 1977

Marie Antoinette in Muslin dress

Marie Antoinette in Muslin dress




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19 thoughts on “At Last!!

  1. This straightjacket is fantastic! … And by the way, I have a muslim shirt in black from Gold Label made with silk, very sweet on the skin, very agreable to wear… I really like it.

  2. To Lise san
    >In stock now: Size 1 or 2 £160
    Is it a price of Cockroach Propaganda?

    • Actually not at all…

      Unfortunately it has become uncommon to picture where our cloths come from and what it takes to make them. Of course, if you compare it with neatly sewn Zara shirt you might not necessarily understand why ours is more expensive. It’s because of the small numbers.

      Try your own calculation: 3.5m of fabric, hooks, d-rings, and Velcro. Imagine the work of bagging out the (curvy) front panel, the back panel and sleeves before assembling the shirt. After that it takes washing drying and printing. Subtract Vat, interim shipping, keep in mind the people who work on the design details, production communication, distribution, accounting, and finally Lisa in the shop. Also consider what this shirt actually is.

      Today it’s quite rare that people sew at home. When it was still common things were much more expensive in the shops, but that was okay. People knew the work behind something.

        • It was not said that it is expensive.
          I have misunderstood straightjacket with goods.
          And I have asked which is 160 pounds.
          It will apologize, if offended.
          My poor English should just be transmitted.

  3. Worlds End is typically good value, you can get classic Westwood looks and prints for a good price. I’ve had many one offs and bargains from Lisa! Long overdue a visit….

  4. Brilliance!
    Hey Ben, can I ask why non European orders still come with the Vat tax? Is it possible to claim the portion back somehow?

  5. Loving wearing this today – so many comments from people I don’t know. Cheers Lise xxx. Hope fully I won’t ruin it in washing machine

  6. the shirts look well cool. i got a couple of originals that i got in the late 70s early 80s. One i was told is a one off.( FU*K your mother and dont run away PUNK) its still got the inside out label MALCOMS PRIVATE COLLECTION sewn in it. also got a Vive le rock one in multi colour print back and front. excellent condition for 30 odd years old.

  7. PLEASE can I open a World’s End in Los Angeles. This place is crying out for it.
    PS – I still have my God Save The Queen cheesecloth and everything I bought from the original Pirate Collection.
    Also, why can’t I seem to buy the wallpaper here in the US?

  8. Hi Lise, are the “cockroach propaganda” Muslin straight jackets still available & what is the rough chest measure on the size 1.
    Fabulous to see them back, an all time favorite. My original is 25+ years old & I adore it.
    A design classic!