‘Appy Allan’

Allan Bradbury Vivienne Westwood

About 5 weeks ago Worlds End shop had a visit from one of its favourite customers, Allan Bradbury.
He had come down to London with Gareth & Natasha who are in the process of making a documentary about Allan & his philosophy, to be called ‘Appy Allan’. They were filming his visit to the shop & I met them there.
Allan was very well dressed as usual but I managed to get him to try on a couple of things from my Ben Westwood range, the Cavalry Coat, the Eastwood Coat & the Cape. I also got Gareth & Natasha to join in & they all tried hats on.
The reason that I waited 5 weeks to place this post is because Gareth mentioned that they were making a trailer to promote their documentary & I wanted to include it.
Here it is:

‘Appy Allan’ (In Production)
Producer – Gareth Sanders
Director – Natasha Hawthornthwaite
Editor – Rhodri Carter
& they have started a Facebook page to promote the project, here:

Allan Bradbury Vivienne Westwood

Allan Bradbury Vivienne Westwood

Allan Bradbury Vivienne Westwood

Allan Bradbury Vivienne Westwood


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8 thoughts on “‘Appy Allan’

  1. Looking good Allan! I’m curious to see the documentary. Keep us informed.

    I’ll be visiting the newly revamped store next month. I’m so excited! X

  2. really love this .
    think the guy is fantastic and i true leader just like viv .

  3. Couldn’t agree more with the above comments, I’ve been shopping/wearing Vivienne Westwood clothes since the mid 80′s and am still discovering new combinations. Ordered myself a ‘squiggle’ top today and hope to still be wearing it in another 20 years time/when I’m in my mid 60′s! Viva le Rock!!!

  4. Release date is Dec 2015 and thanks. Let’s express ourselves in fashion.

  5. Thanks for the kind words everyone!
    Give the Facebook page a like and the trailer is available to watch on there too!

  6. Great to see the diverse Westwood age range represented on film … Looking forward to seeing the documentary.