Alien Style

Vivienne Westwood

In addition to the in house photo of the Alien coat above we have the below photo from Murray. His accompanying letter explains everything…

Vivienne Westwood

This is my snap shot of Jamie and Freya both wearing classic Alien designs -both styles are UNISEX.
Both garments feature giant sleeves fashioned from rectangles and hark back to the Witches shape Vivienne pioneered back in 1983/84 with her Witches Collection.
The Alien system is an extremely dynamic and empowering cut of clothing and includes a double fronted trouser that falls and drapes around the crotch area suggesting a ‘dishabille ‘or devil may care relaxed attitude.
The Alien styles are one of our true Worlds End Classics.


Vivienne Westwood Alien jacket

Alien Jacket Nymphs S/S 02 Photograph: Perou


These particular garments first appeared in:  Jacket S/S 02 Nymphs collection and the Coat in the following A/W 02/03 Anglophilia collection.
In this picture Jamie is wearing the blanket wool check Alien Coat belted and in the other picture Freya is wearing it loose. The coat is one size fits all.
The Alien jacket has a fitted body and comes in two sizes.

Many thanks


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4 thoughts on “Alien Style

  1. Thanks for the post. I love the alien cut stuff. So Worlds End!!!
    For Vivienne to change the silhouette of the human shape whilst keeping it individual and attractive shows how talented and important she is.

    The Nymphs collection had an amazing look. So strong. Empowering. X

  2. I Loved the post and I LOVE the Aliens Jacket!!! I am THRILLED that it is coming back!!! Ms. Westwood is a True Fashion Pioneer!!! I will be in London next month and World’s End will be my first stop—directly from the plane to her shop. I can’t wait to see it and try it on in person!!!

  3. - oh no….Pete Burns has died.

    A true Westwood icon. He always dressed well. He wore it well. Heaven will look better for him being there. X