Adam Ant Interview

Happy New Year!. I took a brisk walk up to the World’s End shop Monday afternoon to have my meeting with Adam. We had been meaning to do it for the last 6 months but the timing obviously had not been right until now. I wanted to ask him about his association with Vivienne & the shop as he has been a customer for 40 years. We ordered two cups of tea & sat across the road from the shop at the Chinese bakery. It had just been raining so I was a bit worried about the background wet hiss from the traffic but as it goes I can hear him quite clearly on the playback.

So….16 minutes long, let it roll

Worlds End shop

Adam & Jordan

Worlds End shop

Adam wears Westwood

Worlds End shop


Worlds End shop

Hemmings’ Hussar jacket

Worlds End shop

Adam does Live Aid 85

Worlds End shop

Malcolm’s funeral 2010

Worlds End shop

Adam Ant’s next gig






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8 thoughts on “Adam Ant Interview

  1. Thanks so much, Ben, for posting the interview with Adam Ant. I also have the Tudor Rose silver ring, which I bought about 14 years ago at the Westwood NYC shop which is now closed. I wear the ring all the time as it is one of my favorites!
    After this interview I am now in the mood to get out my vinyl copy of Dirk Wears White Sox and have a listen!

    Best Regards,

  2. Thank you very much, Ben, for the great interview.
    Wouldn’t it be great to have other Westwood regulars like Pete Burns interviewed?

    Warmest regards,

  3. I love Adam, a hero of mine since I was a kid (suspended from primary school for wearing the white stripe) I will be making the journey to London for the Dirk show and will of course be wearing Worlds End bondage trousers.

  4. YEAH !!! interview Pete Burns ! that would be amazing ! ! He is obsessed with Vivienne Westwood !!

  5. Thanks Ben. I agree, Westwood regulars such as Pete Burns, Boy George or even Helena Bonham-Carter interviewed next please.

    Any chance of a Worlds End shop online again? X

  6. Love Adam Ant :) Such a nice interview. Just two friends chatting…
    Would be amazing to see more “old faces” speaking like that. Great.