The Activist Dress

Vivienne-Westwood Worlds-End-shop Activist

Perfect for the troubled times we live in, we introduce the new, exclusive Worlds End Activist dress…
Modeled by Sandy, a pattern cutter & tailor here in the Westwood design studio, she shows how you can be sexy & political at the same time.

Vivienne-Westwood Worlds-End-shop Activist Climate-change

Made in black satinised cotton, harking back to the original Seditionaries bondage trouser fabric, this dress is a knock out!
Using the drunken tailoring technique, the dress is completely asymmetrical & has so many interesting details that I won’t mention them here.

Vivienne-Westwood Worlds-End-shop Activist Climate-change

The dress sports numerous prints, badges & applique slogans, all related to climate change & our need to live in harmony with Gaia (in Greek mythology, the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess).
The dress has a lot of similarities with the new version Anarchy shirt, previously blogged about here.

Vivienne-Westwood Worlds-End-shop Activist Climate-change

Thank you Sandy!

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