Our boutique “Worlds End” at 430 King’s Road, Chelsea has a very special place in the history of British fashion. In 1970, I and my boyfriend, Malcolm MacLaren moved in, calling the shop “Let it Rock” and selling Teddy Boy clothes and 50′s fashion. After that each time we designed a new collection we changed the name of the shop and the decor until in 1981 we presented my first catwalk show, clothes for pirates called “Worlds End”. Malcolm and I separated at this point and he carried on working in music. The shop keeps the name “Worlds End”.

“Worlds End” has always been a crucible for my ideas, political and cultural. In 2005 I asked myself, “What would I tell young people today?”
We are dangerously short of culture; trained up as consumers and not thinking. Beware of Propaganda! – Its greatest evil is Non- Stop- Distraction (a head full of rubbish can’t discriminate between truth and lies and will suck up anything that gives a buzz). NINSDOL

“Get a Life!” Stop sucking up; our motto is, “You get out what you put in”. Read, go to art galleries, find out the names of trees and birds, study the past – to understand the present; knowledge is armour for the Freedom Fighter.
I put my ideas down as graphics on T-shirts and wrote the AR Manifesto. The AR Manifesto (Active Resistance to Propaganda) is a journey to find Art. Art gives Culture and Culture is the antidote to Propaganda.
I now realise that Climate Change is the most urgent problem the human race has ever faced. Everything is connected and Climate Change is connected to lack of Culture – Family Tree.

Worlds End Timeless Fashion, Recycling and Best Price
- Continue to issue our classic designs and accessories, so now we have no need to cost in those months of development work. Many classics have been developed and refined over the years.

  • Sell direct, which cuts out extra mark-up.
  • Use our left-over fabrics; these were originally more expensive.
  • Extract a new design out of the Gold Label collection and sell direct through WE.
  • Samples, toiles, show jewellery and accessories.
  • Political badges and artwork.
  • Special WE designs, D.I.Y. items, boxers, towels, and hats.
  • Never have a sale: Buy less – Choose well – Make it last!

                                                                                      Vivienne Westwood